Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Duh duh duh!! Day 14!

Looky here looky here! Shane done made it to day 14. It is great!I had a heck of a day today. I got up early and took on the back yard once again this week,getting all the grass clippings up. I finally gave up around 1 and decided to spend the rest of the day watching movies and going to Wal Mart. And I came to a realization that I have made a change that makes me very happy.

But first I started off in a little bit of a frantic frenzy this morning. I was a little worried about my calorie bank today because I had an incident in the middle of the night. Remember I told you I was starving before I went to bed last night? Well I drank up the water and went to bed like I planned. However around 1 a.m. I woke up because I was that hungry. I never wake up in the middle of the night hungry, so I knew I may have to deal with this in a way I had hoped to avoid. I woke up and went to the kitchen and made me a cheese sandwich and some yogurt. No logic there, it was just two things I could quickly put together. It was expensive though. A total of 360 calories!! So I knew this mornings breakfast would have to be one with plenty of bang for very few calories. I pulled it off and managed to scramble two eggs with some jalapeno slices and top it with a tablespoon of salsa for a very filling 160 calories!! So set out to work around 8 give or take and worked all morning raking and sweating and toting grass to the pile. I finally finished up around 11:30 and came in. Kathy had made me a tuna sandwich with mustard, miracle whip, onions and dill relish. It was delicious, but I knew it was a calorie trap. Sure enough I figured it out to be around 500 calories for the lot. Waaaaay more than I usually do for lunch. But it was good and it held me till around 2. I then had a jar of Kathy's momma's mustard pickles, which are a half a cucumber, a couple of flourets of cauliflower and some mustard powder in vinegar. Filling and I was unsure for sure of the calories, so I estimated it high at around 200 calories. I got with her mom later to get a break down of the contents and found out that was likely a way high estimate, but I kept it anyway.

ON to my realization. For supper we had decided to grill some butterfly pork chops her mom had given us and then do summer salad of cucumber, onion, tomato in EVO and a dash of italian dressing on each stack and some pasta salad thing Kathy likes. I seriously looked at my plate with a 8 ounce pork chop and the sides I just listed and thought wow that is way too much food!! Even after running the calories and discovering it was 650 calories, I was astonished to think I was gonna try to eat it! I eventually wound up making my dogs some happy campers with some pork chop, prolly a third of it went to them. So after dinner, I sat and reveled in the fact that I thought that my plate was waaaay too much food! It was not a big plate, but it kinda intimidated me to think of trying to finish it. I actually immediately planned on feeding my dogs some pork chop and doubted I would finish the rest, even though I did. Me. Shane Griffin. Thought that my plate was too big!! I am still kinda shocked thinking about it!

So once more, I finished a weekend without a slip up. And I have developed new neural pathways apparently towards food. I am ready for the week too. I have come to enjoy my routine of walking at lunch. It does more than burn calories and get me in better shape. It helps my attitude. It makes the day a little less hectic and more bearable. We get Lauren back this week too so I will likely get in a progressively more hyper mood each day. God help the office folks!! I guess I will sign off now. Please keep inspiring me and I will try to do the same for you!!!


  1. Shane,
    Sooo freakin proud of you! You go boy!! Be careful of the calorie traps. I've taken them completely out of the house.. when you learn to eat 'good food' you will find that it's all our condiments that are the trap! :)
    There is NO mayo in our house, that stuff can kill you singlehandedly!

    Keep up the great work!! Hope to see lesser of you soon! ;)

  2. Shane, get you some mayo with olive oil. It's about half the calories and fat and tastes good.

  3. Great job making some great food choices!

    (BTW...just a hint with the tunafish sandwich. Replace the mayo with brown mustard. And replace the bread for a whole wheat wrap. With the amount of calories you save by doing that, you could actually double the amount of tuna and veggies and make an extra big sammich!)