Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Sunday, February 9, 2014


I had a wonderful experience last night. Me and my family sat around the dinner table and had a great discussion about the fact that we need to get off our butts and start eating right and exercising. What was the best part of it is that I wasn't the ring leader in the talk! It was amazing to have Katherine be the one who got loud and passionate about how we all deserve better than we are doing for ourselves! And how as for her, she as the head of food here at the house (aww who we kidding she runs the whole damned thing around here) was not going to stand for bringing crap in here anymore!

What sparked the whole discussion is that our daughter Lauren had made quite a stink about eating a bowl of fruit that Kathy had served with dinner. In all the talking and crying and getting the bad habits and ideas and hurt feelings out in the open, I made a point I am particularly proud of! I asked Lauren one simple question. I asked her if someone guaranteed her that if she ate a bowl of fruit for her dinner every night for 1 year, that they would give her $10,000,000.00, would she eat fruit every night for 1 year? She said without hesitation, yes. And so I asked her, what if I told you that if you eat a bowl of fruit every night for a year, you will be lighter, stronger and faster, and able to run 3 miles straight without quitting? Isn't that at least as good as $10,000,000.00? She hesitated but said yes.

Why is it that we think like that? Why is it so hard to do something that is good for you, and if you are consistent with it, it will bring you benefits galore. But we hesitate to say yeah to the good action if only our health is to gain, but the money gets a heck yeah right off the bat? Here is the thing. It isn't likely someone is going to pay you the 10 million for eating the bowl of fruit for a year, but it is a near certainty that you will be lighter, faster, and stronger at the end of that same year. It's a good bet to be making on yourself, so just pretend that you are chasing 10 million bucks in making your choices every day!!