Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Monday, September 22, 2014

Going Small/ Less Than Perfect, And Being OK With It

I stand by my assertion that most of us overweight folks have some kind of inability to go small or go home or to accept less than what we perceive as perfection from ourselves. One deviation from "the master plan" and we are derailed. And Lord forbid we make one small change to our lifestyle rather than a complete overhaul all at once. I am starting my second week of P90X3. It frustrates me to no end that I am not as good as the guys on the tv. If they can do a 60 second routine of Warrior Squat Moons, why can't I!!?? I have also been frustrated about my ability to eat better up until evenings. If I can go all day doing well, what the heck is up with my evening snacking? It should just continue!!

You know what? I am ok. As Tony says, if you ain't getting it right, you are at least getting it righter than the guy you know who is smoking cigarettes and eating cheetos on his couch right now. You are there and you are moving! I ain't going big on workouts, but I am getting a half hour of huffing and puffing in, and to be honest, some of the stuff I am better at it than I thought I would be. I can plank then open up to half moon on both sides for the full time required. I can do plyo crawly pushups. I can do the side laying punch. I think that recognizing those things are important so I can feel accomplished presently. I also am thinking that not being able to do some of the stuff is a secret blessing, saving those successes for later, so I can continue progressing and feeling good about reaching my goals.

As for the snacking, I am happy to share some good news on that front. All habits start out as the first time doing it. I am on the fourth time of only having a handful of almonds after supper!!! Last night, I almost "forgot" to have those!! But it all started with my decision to not just cut out snacks, setting myself up for failure, but to be intentional in planning both my snack and the amount I would have and how often. Hello going small first!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Blessed to Excess

I know it has been awhile since I put anything up. And historically that would mean I am flailing and hiding because of it. Not so much this time. I have have a series of events that have led me to feel like the most blessed man in the world. First, my Chief Deputy Prosecutor, Robert, started me going to the gym during lunch regularly a little over a month ago. We made it at least 3 times a week. Secondly, one of the men in my life group from church is an IT guy and he bought P90X3 and gave me a copy of it!! I started this past Monday and have been enjoying it for the most part. I got put in my place today with the yoga workout, but it will come to me, I am sure of it!!

But my most favorite blessing is that the shirt I spoke of before, the one I am aiming to be able to fit into for my first goal, almost fits!! I think another two weeks and I may be golden!!

But to balance out the enthusiasm, I am still struggling with quantity of snacking at night. Quality is much better, but quantity is still higher than I would like. I have been eating almonds and carrots and hummus, which I am sure beats the PBJ, the cereal, and whatever ice cream my wife brought home. But still, that has to be dialed down or else I may just as well be eating those things!!!