Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Deprivation v. Overcoming

This morning, I was driving to work, and I faced a familiar struggle. The little store I stop at a lot has excellent breakfast sandwiches and burritos, but on a scale of 1-5, they rank about 2 on the healthy side. This morning, I had a protein bar for breakfast, and I am in court all morning, so I started a familiar line of thinking. I need to grab a little more to tide me over until I can eat after court, a protein bar isn't much. I know in my logical mind I am just trying to have something I want but don't need. But any food addict knows, rationalization is strong in us. So I make the smart call, drive past the store, and as I go past, I feel kinda deprived. It sucks I can't eat like I want AND achieve my goals, said Shane with the pouty lips and everything. But then as I put the distance between me and the store, I started thinking. Rather than feel like I just deprived myself of something, why can't I just be proud that I overcame and urge? And suddenly, perspectives change. I made a good decision, and I am kinda proud about that. And if I keep making those good decisions, well then I will achieve my goals. It is odd how we complicate such simple things isn't it?

Monday, April 3, 2017

A Couple Of Nice Surprises

It's Monday, and usually, I am not a fan. But today is a little different. I kinda half assed my fitness journey last week, so I prayed for a better week this week. I have a plan in place and I think it is a good one. I am going to start getting my butt up for the alarm and getting my cardio in. Today, it was the gym because it is raining, but I am looking forward to actually getting to walk outside when the weather permits. Cardio in the morning makes sense to me, because that is when I sweat the most. I can then come home and take a shower and head to work. I am going to lift weights at lunch at least 3 days a week. I would shoot for all 5 workdays, but the reality is I have to admit that isn't always possible, and when I fail to meet the goal, it would mess with me a little. Why set myself up for failure? So for this week, the plan looks like this. Every weekday but Friday, cardio at 5 a.m. Saturday, I get out of bed and do some form of cardio. Monday Tuesday and Thursday, weights at lunch. Every day 1,900 calories for the day, and finally, only my high fiber cereal for a snack at night.

Now on to my surprises. First, I got up and weighed first thing this morning. I usually do that on a Friday, but I did it this morning because I wanted to get over something I have been doing. I have been hiding from the scale here lately. Sometimes subconsciously, sometimes on purpose, but the hiding has to stop. So today, I got on the scale and it turns out that I was right, the one medicine was putting the fat on me. Even with half assing it lately, I have dropped 3 pounds. So my first thought is, if I dropped 3 lbs without real effort, what if I go ahead and just do the danged thing? Stay tuned.

Second surprise was that I went up a resistance level on the bike and it definitely does hurt, but I didn't feel the big hurt until 26 minutes in. Last week, the big hurt started at 23 minutes in! I am feeling good guys! Can't wait till friday now!