Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Those Days.....

Before I get started, I need some direction. I cannot post on my the blogs of any of my friends for some reason? it says this email address isn't authorized or something to that effect. does anyone have a fix for me? I have tried twice now to post on blog posts and have been denied the privelege!

So this morning, I went over to my friend Kevin's house and we set out on a run. Kevin just finished a marathon this past Saturday. Between Kevin and Ddean Karnazes' book Marathon Man, I am bound and determined to do at least a half marathon and I have the pie in the sky dream of a marathon one day. But I digress. So anyway, back to the I went to Kevin's house story. So we gtook off on our run and we get to talking and seriously the run was like nothing. We talked the entire time and turned around and it was over. So we chat for a second and then I leave and as I am driving home, it occurs to me how wild it is that I just 1. went on a run that was not debilitating 2. Went with a friend and did not get ran away from and 3. was barely breathing hard after 2 miles and only had to breath hard for 2-3 tops after it, and we had pushed the pace pretty hard since it was a short run. Two years ago on a Saturday, I would put money I was making a huge breakfast with about 2000 calories in it, and preparing to sit on my butt all day and watch football or movies or something and had my laptop in what little lap I had at the time trying to surf with it at an odd angle. Wow what a difference a couple of years can make! So then I keep thinking on and never ever ever in 1 million years would I have even thought of the idea of running a half marathon two years ago! in fact, if you had brought it up, I would have asked you what the hell would i want to run for? Now, I run for fun and fitness! I am loving that after law school got me off track in my running, I am picking it back quickly! Last week I was huffing and puffing for a mile and a half, yesterday I killed a three mile run! How great is that!

Has anyone else been hit with a reality lately of past and present and the huge differences between the two?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hey Guys

It is me again. Just a quick check in. I added another 4 pound since my last post, for a total of 30 pounds put back on. That is the bad news. The good news is, I am back to running. I have to admit that my stopping running was more devastating to me than I realized. I cannot begin to explain to you that rush, that confidence, that swagger I get when I run. and it isn't just for the hours following my run. I get that for the whole day! So for the past couple of weeks, I have been back at running. I am in finals now, and I knew I needed an outlet for the stress. I dusted off the treadmill that got me so far last winter and started using it again, and I seriously resdiscovered my love for running and all the benefits! At first, i was disappointd in how I measured up for speed, distance and endurance, but compared to where I left off. But here is the thing. I got started somewhere before, and look how that worked out for me! So I am getting started somewhere now. and I am adding a wrinkle. I don't know how many will have heard of Dean Karnazes, but he is an ultramarathoner that has won all sorts of crazy races, and ran a 199 mile relay race BY HIMSELF! yes as in all however many legs there were, he did them all! I got turned onto him by my friend Kevin, and reading that book spoke to me. Before, I was all about the 5k, but now, now I want more. I want to do 10k's and half marathons, and dammit, if I buy anymore of his book, I will probably wind up doing a frikkin marathon after all is said and done! Damn you Dean Karnazes! haha. So anyway, there you go. I am going to try to get around to some of my bloggy buddies sites today and see what they have been up to. I hope to see some great stories!