Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rest Day Blogging

I take Thursday off from exercise every week now. I reasoned out that I am very active all weekend, and I have Fridays off, so I figure if I can get recovered the day before heading into those three days, it may be best to do that. I also am resolving to blog each Thursday at minimum. I should be able to do it on Saturday and Sunday morning also, but it seems as though bloggerville is kinda dead on the weekends. I suppose most of us use readers anyway, so that shouldn't matter.

If anybody wants a sure fire way to get in shape, both cardio and strength building wise, I suggest using a rock bar to break up 2 foot deep and 2 foot wide columns of concrete with a rock bar! Holy cow, it is a good thing I have dropped weight and gotten in better shape, or this could turn into a hospital trip! haha. I suspect that by the time this summer is over, I am gonna be in pretty good shape for sure!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wow Am I Late Or What?

I so totally suck it isn't even funny. I am like probably two days late posting. I am sorry, I just been blowin' and goin' for the past few days. I am not what I would call on target for eating, but I did lose 1.6 pounds the first week of StS!! I attribute that to the fact I never stop moving! I did do much better on my eating than I have in the recent past. I now have the habit of cutting up two apples and eating them throughout the day at work along with some almonds and carrots. Typically when I get home, if I have had 500 calories, it is amazing. I do eat a fair amount of calories when I get home, but I follow that up with either yard work for a couple of hours or working on Lauren's room for a couple of hours or just some honey do and I haven't been sitting down until 9 here lately. If I could corral my night time eating, heck I would probably be 190 in a month!! haha. I once again have been horrible by not checking blogs either. I seriously apologize folks. I should be better at this, but it is hard for me to sit down and be behind a computer or very long after doing it at work all day.

Yesterday we got a trampoline from my boss. She is by far the best boss ever! By happenstance, we were chatting about her weekend and she mentioned she had dismantled her trampoline that weekend. I told her how ours had been condemned and the neighborhood kids were so disappointed. She offered her trampoline to me, and I gladly accepted. I went to get it last night toured her lovely home and the grounds. I love the place. Her emu was not cooperative in my efforts to pet him, but he cracked me up by chasing the sheep around,appearing to herd them! I got home and ate supper and Kathy was anxious to get me to set it up, so I went out around 7:30 and got started. It was up by 8, but I had put it together in the front yard so the dogs wouldn't bother me. Not the best plan, to say the least. It is a huge trampoline and we had to do some nifty maneuvering to get it in the back yard! It is now there and I can't wait for Lauren to come home and see it! She is going to be ecstatic, as will the neighborhood kids, and the Fredricks when they come over.

Well I better get off here and get to doing my squats. I added weight to them and it has been a challenge as of late. I do love them though now that my big ol' gut doesn't get in the way, I can do them right and they hit all the right muscles! I did do planks yesterday and I can proudly say that my ab muscles are no longer the weakest ab muscle in the world!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh Did That Suck!!

Pretty much from the word go yesterday, I was starving. I was eating the same foods I ate the two days before but man I was starving like ravenous all morning at work. I came home for lunch and folks, I ate everything! I can't even recall what all I ate. I righted the ship for the afternoon, but kinda fell off in the evening too. I was laying that floor and finishing it up and had a fruit by the foot snack. I suck

Today is back on track for me. No more failure days dang it!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Week 1 Day 3

First, I still suck at reading and responding other blogs! I just can't seem to find the time. I try, I do, but I start seeing the clock and realizing I have X that needs done before X time. Like right now, I did some blog reading and posting comments. I need to start my workout in 7 minutes!

I had a super awesome day 2! Calorie at 1450 and I got my morning workout in, as well has worked on laying a laminate floor in my daughter's room for about 4 hours. That it turns out is a leg workout with all the bending over and sliding the pieces together and making sure they line up properly. I am sore this morning!

I am sorry I am such a poor blog reader. I promise I will try to do better on weekends folks. I hope everyone is chugging along and knocking this challenge through the roof! I am pulling for each of you in spirit even if I can't get to your blog and comment!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Week 2, Day 2

I had a great day 1!! I was at 1250 calories by the time I went to bed. I also had a great exercise day! 1/2 hour of weight lifting, 1 1/2 miles jogged, and then I got out and pruned trees for about 45 minutes in the blazing heat! I pretty much guarantee a pretty big calorie deficit yesterday! I haven't put a calculator to it, but just in basal metabolic, I think I used up my calories taken in yesterday, which means that all my exercise calories are extra! Ok I went and got a calculator. I used 1360 calories just being awake from 5 a.m. till 10 p.m.! I have to imagine I used at least 700 calories in exercise and working outside. woo hoo!

And I do believe God gives us opportunities to learn when we need them. Our checking account is pretty sickly right now, so I was not able to go get my lunches for work like i usually do on Monday mornings. I wound up taking a couple of apples and some carrots to work to munch on throughout the day. I also had some almonds already there. I made it through the whole day eating those things and left my office with 405 calories for the day! I am going to give that a shot again today and see if that can be recreated. If it can, I am on this course of action!

I also am super excited that I used one of Deb's suggestions from awhile back. I told myself that from now on, the kitchen is closed at 8 p.m. If you haven't had it by then, then tough noogies buster! 8 is usually my danger zone, so if the kitchen is restricted during that time, well then no more danger right? Well I stuck to that and even though the urge was there when I was fixing my last glass of tea for the night, I did not give in! All in all, week 1 day 1 was a success!

I look forward to hearing about everyone elses successes as well!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 1 Day 1

And Slimmer for Summer has kicked off for me! I am excited. I needed this more than I care to admit! I have been pinball machining for awhile now. I need one last push to get me to goal weight and some more encouragement to get my mind right so that when I do get to my goal weight, I will have better eating habits than I am exhibiting right now.

I weighed in this morning. I have to admit, I was not surprised to see me at 14 pounds above my lowest weight. Again, I am a little confused with that because I have a lot of clothes that say different. But for me, the poundage is where I am focusing right now. I weigh 210 pounds as of this morning. By the end of this challenge,realistically, I would like to weight 195 but am shooting for 190 as my goal weight.

I have not had a chance to pop over and see everyone else's posts yet. I was busy all day yesterday with building parts of and tearing down parts of my privacy fence. I got one heck of a workout in doing that yesterday! In the 95 degree heat now less. I still have a lot to go, and I am thinking that alone should knock me down five pounds by the end of that project!

Good Luck on Day 1 Challengers!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Slimmer for Summer Goals

So I have been gallivanting around for the last week, knowing I needed to sit down and set up my goals for this challenge. I have had thoughts and ideas but nothing I have committed to. So now I am going to post my goals here, and if I miss anything, I will do an amended post.

1. Calories per day goal- I know Deb had suggested 1200 to 1400, but I am seriously doubting this is a goal I could even try to keep. I am fairly active and that would leave me starving constantly. I am going to keep my calories more in the 1800 range per day.

2. Logging my food- I used to be so OCD about this. I bite it I write it was my motto. I have slacked on this lately and I think it really would benefit me to get back to this habit.

3. Cardio- I love running,I do. But I get bored very easily and I haven't been as religious about my running lately as I would like to be. So to insure I am getting my cardio in, I need to switch it up. I would like to sit down Sunday night and plan what cardio I want to do on what days. I am the worlds worst at keeping up a planning goal, so I may lean on you guys to hassle me into doing it until it become a habit!

4. Weight lifting- I have been doing great on this one. Three good days of lifting and one light day. I want to keep that up.

5. My Weight Goal- By the end of this challenge, I would like to weigh 190 pounds. That is my end goal weight, a weight I think I can work my plus or minus 5 pounds maintenance from. I will post tomorrow what my beginning weight is.

6. Sweets- I need to, no I HAVE to get rid of my sweets eating habit! I need to break that chain before its links get too strong!

So there you have it. Those are my slimmer for summer goals. I plan on also getting better at keeping up with blogs, and more specifically, blog of the folks in this challenge. I look forward to watching each and every one of us grow and prosper in the next 12 weeks, so let's make this happen!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

One of my Slimmer for Summer goals

So I am trying to get my head wrapped around what goals I am going to lock in for Slimmer for Summer. My sweets problem takes center stage obviously, but I am not a half butt kinda guy and I know I need to fix many more things. I have decided on yet another. I need to get back into blogging regular and more importantly, blog reading regularly! I know that on my journey down the scale, so much was gleaned from reading other peoples stories, and I got so much inspiration by reading about others successes and even struggles that eventually turned into huge successes! However here is my problem. I hate to sound like this guy, but my life is crazy busy. I am not using that to get out of exercise obviously and never will. That has become a primary focus in my life lately, moreso than my diet actually. So with a busy life, that is kinda how blogging fell to the way side. I sit down around 8 or 9 at night and typically was passing out in my recliner. Well without getting into too much detail, I was not making Kathy too happy with that practice. So I have been waking up later than usual, so I can stay up later than usual. That cuts my surfing on the web while I drink coffee time down seriously, then my web surfing time at night is cut down by the fact it is summer, it stays light outside, and by dang it if I am gonna sit inside when there is work or fun to be had outside! That is the ABC's of me baby! So maybe my goal should be more like I will blog more on the weekends? I dunno. There has to be an answer. I wish I knew it!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Slimmer for Summer!

I am super excited to be a part of Deb's Slimmer for Summer Challenge. Head on over to her page. It is 12 weeks of meeting your eating and fitness goals and reporting your progress. I do love challenges. It provides me a group to be accountable to and it lets me encourage others. Much like a team. I have always been the ultimate team player and I love being part of something bigger than myself. So head on over and check it out if you get a chance. Click Deb's name above and it will take you to her page. I think she is accepting people until Sunday June 5, 2011.

Part of the challenge is obviously setting goals. I KNOW one is going to be to stop eating sweets for those 12 weeks. I have been horrible lately. I never had a sweet tooth before but now it is unstoppable it seems! I am also going to set a goal of at least 3 different kinds of cardio throughout the week too. Now my mind is rolling! I need to get over there and post these while I am good and motivated. Ya'll go on over and check it out!