Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Slimmer for Summer Goals

So I have been gallivanting around for the last week, knowing I needed to sit down and set up my goals for this challenge. I have had thoughts and ideas but nothing I have committed to. So now I am going to post my goals here, and if I miss anything, I will do an amended post.

1. Calories per day goal- I know Deb had suggested 1200 to 1400, but I am seriously doubting this is a goal I could even try to keep. I am fairly active and that would leave me starving constantly. I am going to keep my calories more in the 1800 range per day.

2. Logging my food- I used to be so OCD about this. I bite it I write it was my motto. I have slacked on this lately and I think it really would benefit me to get back to this habit.

3. Cardio- I love running,I do. But I get bored very easily and I haven't been as religious about my running lately as I would like to be. So to insure I am getting my cardio in, I need to switch it up. I would like to sit down Sunday night and plan what cardio I want to do on what days. I am the worlds worst at keeping up a planning goal, so I may lean on you guys to hassle me into doing it until it become a habit!

4. Weight lifting- I have been doing great on this one. Three good days of lifting and one light day. I want to keep that up.

5. My Weight Goal- By the end of this challenge, I would like to weigh 190 pounds. That is my end goal weight, a weight I think I can work my plus or minus 5 pounds maintenance from. I will post tomorrow what my beginning weight is.

6. Sweets- I need to, no I HAVE to get rid of my sweets eating habit! I need to break that chain before its links get too strong!

So there you have it. Those are my slimmer for summer goals. I plan on also getting better at keeping up with blogs, and more specifically, blog of the folks in this challenge. I look forward to watching each and every one of us grow and prosper in the next 12 weeks, so let's make this happen!


  1. Glad to see you are in this summer challenge, too, Shane.

  2. I'm in the challenge too. And I also have a sweet tooth the size of Texas...no, the whole US. LOL

    Good luck!

  3. Hi this is Nicole from Colie's Kitchen I found your blog through the Summer Slim Down Challenge! I hope you are having a successful day. I am your newest follower and I am looking forward to watching your dieting success. Stop by anytime! nicole @ www.colieskitchen.com

  4. You're a guy so you get extra calories, just for...being a guy. So if 1800 is good for you, then go for it. Knock off the sweets and the 7 pm snacks and you'll be good to go!!

  5. Hi, glad to be in the Slimmer this Summer challenge with you! I also made a specific target for sweets and said I would only have one every other week. I think if I said total deprivation, then when I got my hands on them I'd really overdo it. If I work in a donut every 14 days, it's probably smarter than saying NO NO NO and then eating a whole box (which I've got pretty close to doing before). Good luck! Your progress so far looks amazing, congrats!

  6. Welcome to the challenge. I agree with Debbi...we sort of assumed the challengew would be most (or even all) ladies, so the caloric level is according to that assumption. Glad to have you on board, and totally understand the need for more cals. Do drop the sweets habit. Sugar is da debbil and should be kept to real minimum (the occasional treat).

    Happy challenging.