Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 23 Zoom Zoom Zoom

Today was a huge stress ball for me. I have about 9 million things going on in my mind right now, such as this job hunt I am on, the financial hardship we have found ourselves in, the beginning of school coming up, and the list goes on and on. I let it get to me this morning and could feel the anxiety hitting me again. But I just took a deep breath, let it loose and gave it to God to handle. I did decide however that I had to get a good walk in at lunch. I knew if I could get moving and my heart rate and breathing up, I could get some endorphins pumping and I would feel better. So at lunch, I headed to the nearby Wal Mart and set to getting laps around the perimeter. I have to tell you, today was one of those aaahaaa! days when I started walking. Folks, I am world renowned for being a slow walker. I always attributed that to being fat and short legged. Now maybe that assumption is being proven wrong. Seriously, the pace I set today was blazing!! I had began doing the walking at Wal Mart long before the journey started. My usual lap times were usually 5 minutes around the store from front entrance back around to front entrance. Today, my lap times were in the low four minute mark, with one sub four minute! The merchandise on the shelves looked like it was flying by!!! That was a great feeling. By lap 6, I was breathing hard but smooth and had popped a decent sweat and,yes as planned, the endorphins were pumping! I undid a full morning of knotted muscles and frayed nerves in only a half hour or maybe a little more. It was a great feeling. This got me to thinking if the success keeps coming, I can actually go ahead and start training for a competitive 5k!

So after two evenings in a row of having a challenge with calories at supper and not over indulging, we went with probably my newest favorite meal, grilled boneless skinless chicken breast with green beans and black eyed peas! Great calorie value folks and filling as all get out! Through breakfast, lunch and supper with snacks too, I am at 1316 calories! I could actually see myself having a table spoon of peanut butter with a cup of 2% milk tonight! Wish I had bought some celery dang it!

One of my cousins e mailed me some photos from the family reunion we had at Fort Gibson Oklahoma in early June, the 12th I think. These are the best shots of me showing where I started at on this journey I will have posted so far.

Me and my beautiful family! I love Kathy and Lauren so much!


  1. What a great idea to do laps at Walmart. Air conditioned, a groomed course, plenty to look at on the way. I can tell you're a man though; if I were doing that, I'd be shopping along the way. :-)


  2. It does feel as if getting the heart pumping does just melt the stress. Even just a walk around the block helps to lift my spirits.

    Shane, you're doing a great job with the calories, especially since you are under some heavy stress in several areas. But that is life and we who are emotional eaters have to find a detour around the food.

    Keep your body moving!

  3. Na, I think I am the slowest walker (that's why biking is my exercise of choice right now)!! Seriously, great news that you were kicking butt today in walking. I say "yeah" time to train for the 5K. You go get 'em! Michele
    PS: Beautiful fam, too..