Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 38 A Success But I Wonder

I know this about today. I did stay under bank. And I keep looking over today's choices and they don't seem bad at all, excepting the grilled chicken sandwich that I ate with the bread on it. I am so down on the bread in a meal thing. I think I will put my input on the board here and let my peers decide if my nagging feeling of not doing that well is justified. So here goes:

For Breakfast:
less than or about a cup of raisin bran with 75 calories worth of milk, and I peeled an apple and ate the meat but not the core.


We stopped at Wally World and bought me some of those Bumble Bee tuna snack pack things with the tuna salad and crackers. I had that and and orange between breakfast and lunch.


Another NSV for me. I ate at a buffet with fried chicken and fried catfish. I only had one little plank of catfish, choosing instead to indulge in the three bean mixture of green beans, black beans, and I think Kathy called then chick peas. I had around 2 cups of that which I am pretty sure had vinegar in it, then I had some cherry peppers I think Debbie said they were called. Basically they were round jalapenos or at least tasted like jalapenos, then two stalks of celery and some cole slaw.


I had Dairy Queens grilled skinless chicken breast sandwich, no mayo, only mustard, and instead of the fries, I had a side salad with fat free italian dressing, and 5 fries.

Last snack of the night:

I had a handful of those gold fish crackers on the drive back and then at home, I warmed up the last I would say 6 ounces of meatloaf, I needed protein! So what do you guys see there that you would be ashamed to say you ate or that would make you feel a little off about eating it? Am I just being too picky?

So I did not do any formal exercising on Saturday, just the walking and swimming we did. But today, I did get up early and head out for a walk. I decided I would do a thirty minute walk and that would prolly be about enough after walking down the one huge hill our motel room sat on, and up the other side of the gully to where the office was. I was worn out less than 10 minutes in after those two hills! I kept on and walked up to the McDonalds on 76, then turned around and headed back to the motel. I got back to the room but had only walked for 26 minutes, so I said ok, I turned right back around and headed back for the killer hills! I got a very good workout this morning and my legs and abs were all sorts of upset about the situation. Well I can add prolly another couple of miles to my total miles of the day, cause we walked all of Silver Dollar City all day looking at shops and going into a couple of sections I didn't know existed until today! I usually am all about the rides when we are there, so I get tunnel vision and miss a lot apparently. So anyway that was my thinking about getting protein in me, I need some rebuilding tools dang it! Anyway, after doing all my calculations, I came in at 1590 calories for the day and I am pretty sure my workout and walking all day cuts that number down at least significantly.

I am so glad to be back home. I like the controlled environment here. I need to maybe start planning better for these trips and maybe taking food along to keep me from having to be slave to the bad choices available in these places. What do ya'll think?


  1. I'm not ashamed to say I ate anything, and I don't think you need to be either. It sounds like you did your best to make good choices Shane. And that, my friend, is what it's all about. :)

    Being home does make it much easier, but you're living your life and doing your best. That is good enough. :)

    I love chick peas, by the way...:)

  2. home and routine is SOOO much easier---but you did your best and truly thats all that matters.

    getting up and greeting each morning and choosing to do our best.


  3. Do you want me to critique your food for the day? I certainly can, but I also want to encourage and motivate you, not just nit-pick you all the time! :-) I don't want to cross any boundaries and want to be a good support system for you! I think that given the choices you had you did okay. (Not great, but okay.) You did have some healthy choices in there as well (the celery and peppers and stuff) so it definitely wasn't an "all is lost" day! You're really thinking hard about your food choices, and that's wonderful! The old Shane that would blindly grab for whatever food was available or convenient seems to be fading into the past, huh? You're going to see a drop in the scale on your next weigh-day, for sure!

  4. You did great, Shane. It gets easier to pre-plan and take some individual bags of veggies and healthy dip.

    I eat tuna all the time for protein when I'm craving it, and usually every day for lunch, along with some whole grain crackers and carrots. I used to eat the Goldfish, but they're just empty calories. They do cure the salt and crunch craving, though. Now I try to eat a handful of almonds instead, or those Quaker mini rice cakes in the cheese flavor.

    A peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread has become my best on-the-go friend, of late. I eat it some days for breakfast.

    I'm glad you're questioning your choices at this point. You are doing so well, but could get more bang for your calorie buck.

    Just my 2 cents worth. ;-)

  5. I read you every day. I love the effort. I have 3 cents to add, and I am not necessarily correct. Anytime you want some "Christine called it nit-pik" help, all with a lot of respect, email me...Otherwise, keep on going !!!

  6. I think you did great on this trip, Shane. I also like the fact that you continue to hold yourself accountable by blogging what you ate (even the 5 fries). As someone who is trying to push myself with exercise, I admire your inner jock when you went back at the hills full throttle. Good for you! A great weekend for you! Michele

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