Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 43 Sup wit dat?

I am so totally ghetto yo! Ha ha. So today was a great day as far as finding out my weight loss, but I could not stop being hungry all day! I actually got to 1700 calories today! I didn't eat anything crazy, I stayed under bank, but I kept being hungry all day! Here is a breakdown of what I had:

usual 1 whole egg and one egg white, 1/2 cup Special K with 1/2 cup 1% milk, I had the small kolache or pig in the blanket at the donut shop, I had a fat free key lime yogurt at the office, I had about a half cup of cantaloupe at my parents house, I had a cool spicy chicken wrap at Chick Fil A, we had grilled boneless skinless chicken breast tonight, mine was 5 ounces, with some pasta salad thing Kathy likes to make, and then I insisted on Braum's frozen yogurt but no cone any more, in the cup, and here is the one thing I may be a little ashamed of. We have a bag full of mini candy bars (thanks Bobbie!!) in the freezer, so tonight, I had a Mr. Goodbar mini. It was good and I had one, so that is a real feat folks! But like I said, I was at least nagging hungry and sometimes really starving hungry. I am just now not being hungry for the first time today.

I am a dork ya'll. I am really looking forward to my weekend of 5k's around the block. Who am I? I never would have thought I would say those words! What do ya'll have planned for your weekend activity?

It looks alot like bed time here in the Griffin household. I guess I am gonna get off here and get headed back that way. I will catch everybody tomorrow!!


  1. You're doing great Shane! Keep it up! :-) I can't wait for you to do the 5k!

  2. Mr Goodbar is one of my favorites. I've had several mini candy bars over the last 712 days---it's a great way to enjoy the flavor we love in a controlled, calorie budget-friendly fashion. And several times, maybe 6 or 7--I've actually "invested" enough calories for a full size candy bar.
    Normal people in real life, normal situations, eating normal food---eat candy bars.
    It's nothing that you should feel shame about...instead, you should feel proud that you've discovered the freedom to still lose weight while enjoying the things you like.
    When it comes to Mr. Goodbars, I love---but my favorite is Snickers.

    My best always

  3. You know what Sean, you are dead on right! i am not the least bit ashamed of it. It is a reality of life and I was fine with my calories, so yeah. Screw that I am ashamed line.

  4. It's okay, Shane. I eat the occasional mini candy bar, too. But I stop at ONE. There's nothing wrong with that. Candy is a fact of life. It's knowing that you can't eat the whole bag. And I'm sure you're there.

    Enjoy your weekend and the 5K's. I may try one myself.