Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 28 Fully On Board !!!

Could things get any better? Not sure how but I suppose it is possible. I mean barring an amazing job offer or a lottery win, I just don't know how. This has been the best day because Kathy has decided to commit to this journey with me! She has kinda be semi on board by default, but today she let me know that she is fully full on in this journey with me! She has a bit different approach with calories and that is fine, I am just excited to know that I have a partner! So we decided that today, we would each get pictures made. Hers for her first day and mine for my 275 pound accomplishment. So here is Kathy Day 1

Here are two of me, one head on and the other a side view at 275. I have to admit I actually see myself in my head skinnier than the picture shows. Not complaining though!

So like I said, it was a great day. Kathy, Lauren and I made supper together and it was so good and filling. It was a pork chop each, some spinach, corn, and some boxed cheesy potatoes. MMM MMM it was yummy!

I did my second 5k this weekend today. This time it wasn't about time though, it was about finishing. I did, but quite frankly I was totally wiped out for the rest of the day. I finally managed to get out of the recliner and take Lauren swimming at our favorite swimming hole for awhile and then we made supper together, but I got sleepy alot sooner than normal and can barely keep my eyes open right now. I think I just used up all the glycogen and wore my muscles out. I may just only do a weight workout tomorrow morning and spend the rest of the day letting my legs recover.

Well folks, good night and as always, keep on inspiring me and I try to do the same for you!!


  1. I'm so happy for you!!!! You're absolutely rocking this thing Shane---and seriously, your transformation---Oh my, I can't even begin to describe how it feels---You just have to feel it yourself. How beautiful is it that your best is also on this transformation road with you?? I love that!!!
    Beautiful family Shane, absolutely!!!!

    My best always

  2. How cool is that that you and Kathy are doing this together! I'm so happy for you! And way to go on the exercise!!!

  3. What did you have for supper? For snacks?

    Wow, so you did a 5k and then also went swimming? No wonder you were wiped out! That's a lot of activity, and that's fantastic!

    How exciting that Kathy is joining your journey! Is she going to blog as well? If so, link us up! Otherwise, I look forward to celebrating her successes through your blog! :-) How wonderful that you can get some extra motivation and support from your own family.

    Have a great Monday!

    P.S. Why don't you have anything on your fireplace mantle?

  4. Christine, you are bound to hold my feet to the fire aren't you? haha I love it. Ok let me get my list from yesterday.

    Before my walk, I had a cup of grapes to get something to burn while I was walking. After my walk, I scrambled three eggs with onions in them. I was still starving about an hour later so I got another cup of grapes to tie me over. I was still starving an hour later so I added a half a cup of special K and a half cup of milk, and that got me settled. I took Lauren fishing for an hour or so. When I got back from that, Kathy had mixed up some tuna with onions, celery and some low fat Miracle Whip, put lettuce in the bottom of two half pitas and filled the rest up with the tuna mix. I had a yogurt when we got back from swimming before cooking. We each had a 4 ounce pork chop, a half cup of corn, a 1/4 of spinach, and a half cup of the mashed taters. I had a sugar free pudding cup and a half cup of strawberries and half cup of grapes for my final snack and totaled out at 1760 calories for the day.

  5. That's great, Shane, that Kathy is going to join you. If she blogs, I want to follow her, so let us know about that.

    By doing this together you can have even more support.

    Great job on the 5K AND the swim!

  6. Shane, what a great eating day! Usually when someone avoids posting their intake on their blog when the usually would, it's an indication of "oops, they got derailed for a day." That's clearly not the case with you!

    Okay so the grapes are a great and healthy choice and I'm not going to criticism your choice for a healthy fruit!! That being said, you said you were "starving." Grapes alone will not fill you up (they've got sugar, and sugar will leave you hungry for more food, plummet your glucose levels, yadda yadda). You need to turn to something with protein when you're feeling like you're "starving." I'll bet that tuna you had in the afternoon really helped to satiate you!

    I love to see that you're snacking on small items throughout the day. That's wonderful and will only help to jump start your metabolism. Keep it up.

    I'm seeing lots of fruits, veggies, protein! I love the eggs, the spinach, the 4 oz pork chop, the yogurt, the strawberries...EVERYTHING! A stellar eating day! Add walking, fishing, swimming....

    Man, you've GOT THIS Shane! :-)

  7. Yay Kathy!!!! Please tell her I'm proud of her. Tell her it can be done and it IS easier because you're doing it together! Tell her I'm with her.

    Doing the Yay Kathy happy dance here!