Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 15 New Job Hunt, Same Food Routine

So I had a meeting with the powers that be today. I am looking for a new job. No animosity involved, completely amicable. We agreed it is prolly for the best. So I am a lot excited and a little scared to get the job hunt going. I was really worried I would find a reason to "put this off this dietfor a bit". But I am happy to say the only thing that made sense to me was to continue counting my calories. I am a creature of habit and calorie counting....... my newest habit.

I have discovered my (at least for now) my favorite breakfast dish and it is low cal! I like to scramble two eggs, with jalapeno slices in them, then top it with salsa. It is a low 160 calories and it so delish! I will prolly be doing that for a while!

I also tried a new flavor of heat and eat lunch today. It was pumpkin and squash ravioli and it was so goood! And the whole thing was only 300 calories. For my snacks today I had a fiber bar and my tuna, brown mustard, tablespoon of Low fat Miracle Whip mixture for 270 calories. Which left me with 760 calories heading home. Kathy had left me a plate in the micronuker of meatloaf (about 6 ounces and 600 calories), spinach, and mac and cheese. She gave me way to big of a helping of mac and cheese, so I separated out a cups worth and ate that giving the remainder to my pups. So at a hefty 800 calories, dinner was good and left me at 1560 calories for the day. I finished off the day with a nectarine and a greek yogurt cup for 175 calories and a pop ice at 50 calories, I love the green ones so much! I am at 1795 calories and full and satisfied and have eaten what I would call healthy all day!

I am toying with the idea of taking my next weigh day results and possibly changing my bank number to 1800. No reason other than messing with my body and seeing what happens with a smaller number. May be great, may suck, may make no difference at all, but I will withhold my change until next weigh day.

I was especially proud of me tonight. After the meeting I did a little bit of job searching obviously and for lunch I filled out an application. I usually walk at lunch but didn't today obviously. So I rolled the bike out here and got me a thirty minute work out on level 5. I was surprised how much better I was at pedaling than before! I actually made the whole thirty minutes on level 5 without dying! I can see so many advantages to this way of life.

I got a new goal today. It was a vision really. One of the things I hated about my Associates Degree graduation was that even in a robe, I looked so fat. I saw me with no belly hump walking up to the Provost, taking my diploma, smiling for the camera. It was a great vision. I got a little lump while thinking about it. That is what this is about. Having visions of the future. Seeing where you are going. Even if it is as simple as in a store shopping for smaller clothes, or your out of town friend meeting you for lunch and expressing shock and amazement. Whatever that motivation is, use it at least once a day. You can have multiples and rotate them. It is all about not letting the grind of losing weight get to you, distract you or discourage you. That has been my downfall. It will take too long, I just don't have the patience. I think for those of us who are in our late thirties, that may have been the case for years. I know I have gained exponentially more patience with all aspects of life since I have gotten older. I like a project even, sometimes. It makes me happy to see hard work and its results. This particular project has a great result. Me living longer for my familyand being more active and having more fun with them!!! How can that not be motivating!

Not really a great blog tonight. Sorry I will try to do better tomorrow. Until then, keep on inspiring me and I will try to do the same for you!!


  1. Hi Shane! I've been off the radar for a few days, but I'm back. And I have to say that I'm sooooooo thrilled that you're still doing really well! That's what happens when we make daily decisions to change our lives for the better, right? :)

    Best of luck as you look for a new job, and hey..I love squash and pumpkin ravioli too. Just saying.

  2. Shane, I am sure you are very employable, and I wish you the best with the hunt.

    Congrats on not letting food overtake you. Your focus after just this short time is amazing!

  3. Keep up the great work! Good luck with the job searching.


  4. Good luck with your job search. I love green popsicles too ... when I had pneumonia awhile back, all I wanted was green jello and green popsicles!