Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 47 What a Difference a Day Makes

So as ya'll recall, I had me a heck of a day yesterday. I was so starving, ravenous, heading towards crazy over the hunger all day. I want to thank all my bloggy friends for coming in and commenting with support and suggestions and ideas. That is what this is all about. I asked for help and by gosh, I got it! I love it! Thanks to Cathy, Christine, Jo, Dr. F, Vickie and Helen for weighing in. It means alot to me girls.

So after all that, guess who had the easiest day ever today? Yeah, it was me. I am fairly convinced that all my activity and low cal eating this weekend just threw me out of whack. I don't believe pizza was my savior or anything, but I think I just needed a high fat meal maybe to do whatever my body needed. Today, I was right back to my old menu and never once slipped or stumbled. In fact, at 5 o' clock today, I had only had 560 calories and was not the least bit hungry. To add to that, we had a highly estimated 500 for supper tonight ( wait till you hear what supper was) and then when I got home from cheer leader practice for Lauren and doing my 2 miles around the track, I had yogurt, celery with pb, a piece of cheese and like 17 peanuts, and my total is still only 1400 calories. I finally gave up cause I was full and am leaving the 400 on the table. I think my wisest choice is to maybe make myself get to my limit on the weekends since I am much more active then so that I don't deplete my glycogen or whatever it was that was causing my problem Monday. Any thoughts?

So on to today's menu and activity log. I had the usual one fried egg one fried egg white for breakfast with 1/2 cup Special K and 1/2 cup 1% milk, and some pineapple to go with it. I also had some pineapple for a snack too mid morning. For lunch I had my usual 2 ounces of turkey on a pita with brown spicy mustard, and for my afternoon, the usual tuna with brown mustard and dill relish. As I said, 560 calories to this point. Oh wait also had some habanero almonds by Blue Diamond, still the same calorie count, but man those almonds rocked! For supper, Kathy took three 4 ounce chicken breasts and cut them up into cubes, marinated them in Carribean Jerk marinade for a bit, then put them on skewers with orange bell pepper baby mushrooms and some squash. I grilled them all up and it was dang yummy folks! Oooooooo weeeee! I love that wife of mine! Healthy, low cal and filling! I estimated a high 500 just to account for the Jerk marinade. And for activity today, I did the push ups this morning, three sets of 15 and I finally got the last set in without having to really push myself hard for the last 5, so it may be time to go up in reps. Then I did three sets of dumb bell curls and three sets of shoulder raises with dumb bells. At lunch, I went to the high school track ( love to get outside to walk when it isn't a million degrees at lunch) and got 5 walking super fast laps in, then 2 walking at a normal pace laps in for a 1 3/4 miles, then I did 2 miles at a comfortable pace for Kathy and I tonight while Lauren was at cheer practice. So as we were driving home and I was thinking about how much better today was for me, I had this thought. "I got my Superman back on today" and I liked it. I am gonna start using it!

I am thinking bed time for Shane ya'll so I will catch ya'll tomorrow. Until then, love ya miss ya!!


  1. shane I have jsut found your blog you are doing amazing congrats on the great work. I really enjoy reading your blog.Jill

  2. Shane, if you continue with this lifestyle, you're going to be 180 pounds, fit as hell, and even more smokin' hot than you are now! Can you sustain this kind of eating & exercising? Because this is it...you're doing it. You're living the healthy lifestyle that healthy people adopt, and you're doing it right now! This isn't a "diet," but rather a new way of living and eating. It's not too hard, right? You're not starving, and the food you're eating isn't bland, right? I can't nit-pick a thing because you've got it totally nailed down. Great job to you...keep it up mister!!!

    (I'm curious to know if your healthier lifestyle is rubbing off on Kathy? I know you mentioned that she wanted to jump on the weight-loss bandwagon a few weeks ago -- has she lost any weight yet? How is she doing?)

  3. Thanks Christine! I can seriously hear the exhuberance in your post! I can and I WILL keep it up. It has become a way of life to me and I am a creature of habit. That is after all how I got fat and out of shape!

    As for Kathy, she is doing great! She is at a different fitness level than I am but she is building quickly. She has a standing date with one of our friends to walk on her short work days on Tuesday and Friday. She and I have been walking around the track together while Lauren is at cheer practice and she plans on getting some treadmill action going too! She isn't weighing right now but she is measuring and she has lost two inches around her belly! And as far ast the eating goes, we have fairly similiar menus so yeah she is on her way!! I love that Lauren is picking up on this as we are very open about our goals and why we are doing this.

  4. Yep, I told ya. Pizza cures anything!

    Every day when I read your blog it inspires me to do a little more exercise. So I've started sneaking in a couple of 50-yard dashes in my walking. Feels like high school again!

    Yes, tell us how Kathy is doing. We'd love to cheer her on!

  5. I just wrote you a super long email but I'm not going to send it to you because it's super long and preachy and that's not at all how I wanted it to come across! So..um...I DID want to pass along these two blog links. I thought you'd get a kick out of them.



  6. Isn’t it just amazing how our bodies adjust to the lower calories and we feel satisfied. Way to go Shane! Between you and Dr. F, you are making me want to try push ups-I have NEVER done one in my life. Call it peer pressure!