Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 45 The Griffins Go Hiking

I can barely hold my head up as I type this. I really wanted to get to this sooner but at one point today I realized I had some homework and studying I needed to do. So I am getting around late but I don't like to push to the next morning anymore cause I do workout now. So here goes, pardon any bad spelling or crazy rambling.

I had the best day you could ask for today. I got up a little later than usual, but I still got my walk in first thing this morning. I did get my three miles but today was once again not about time as I was sore as all get out. After that, I came to the house and made myself breakfast. It was an excellent breakfast too of one egg, two egg whites scrambled in with sauteed onions and mushrooms, served on a pita bread with some salsa on top of it all. I think the calories were like 195 on that !! So I got everyone else fed and then headed out to mow the back yard and weedeat it. I got all the crap Scooter has dragged out into the yard up and thrown away, then set to work. I cut the lawn a little lower than usual today cause I figure we will get rain this week and I won't be able to get to it till next weekend and I want it as short as possible for that! I got the back yard squared away and had about an hour before Kathy got home from work. I decided to get a shower in and get ready for our hike.

Folks, I had the best time ever on this little outing.I was starving as soon as Kathy got home so we headed out to eat at the park here are a couple of pics of the spread and the little day use area we at at:

We wound up going on a ride in a pontoon boat with a park ranger for an hour and a half. She was great, and told us all about the lake, the property around it, how the water system taking the water to Fort Smith worked, about the dam and the surrounding wetlands, I mean a ton of stuff about the park. It was great.

The views while we were on the lake were gorgeous, even if it was a cloudy day.

So after that, we got back on plan and headed out to the trail that is on Lake Fort Smith Park. It is called the Highland Trail and it is I believe 165 miles long. It was one of the first and longest trail systems ever made in America. We only did the first mile and some change and it was so great to see Kathy and Lauren getting into the hiking and being outdoors mode. The whole trip was Kathy's idea and she pushed until we all got to going. Here a few shots from the trail:

There are a bunch more but I am tired and don't have the energy to keep putting them pics up... haha. So before we came home, I took Kathy and Lauren to Artist's Point. I have seen it a million times, but they had never seen it and it never occured to me to take them to it. So we headed up the road a little ways and here is a picture from that stop:

So all in all, I had not only a great day but a great weekend. I stayed just under budget calorie wise both days, I got a total of at minimum 7 miles walking or hiking, found out I could jump rope again, and all sorts of fun stuff this weekend. I am however ready to get back to work tomorrow so I can rest up!


  1. Beautiful pictures Shane! You must be soooo proud of yourself. You're looking so good, and obviously feeling even better. Way to go!

  2. great pictures Shane! I think I like the view from the last one best. It looks like you family had a great time hiking! That's awesome!!! :-) And what a fun ride on the pontoon boat with the park ranger! I remember you saying that you've always wanted a pontoon boat or a house boat or something, so you must have REALLY enjoyed that ride! :-) YAY! Isn't hiking the most FUN way to inadvertently get some exercise?

  3. What a nice weekend with your family. Great pics of the park scenery. I'm so glad your family is doing this with you. Quality time with them, plus working on your life project!

  4. Great pics! Look at you in those pics and hiking like a real mountain man! Love it when the family gets all active! Nice job.