Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 31 A New Job And An NSV Or Two

So as you may have heard, I got a new job and started it today!!! I really loved it so much today. I like a challenge and this is areas of the law I don't generally do, so I am learning something new too. Aaaaaand with Cheryl being a mediator, attorneys are in and out of there all the time and guess who got to put several faces to names today. That's right, it was me! I think Cheryl and I both like each other. She decided that I needed to not work off a kitchen table after all and we moved me a makeshift desk to my area and she even let me hang an unclaimed picture of Nolan Ryan with an autographed baseball in the frame over my new desk!! Tell me this isn't a great job already!

So in all the rush and bustle of a new job, I still managed to get over to the track and get in a walk at lunch. It was a bit hotter than I gauged as I walked out the door though, so I will go on over to the nearby Wal Mart tomorrow instead. Of course that was added to the mile and a half that I got in this morning!! I am excited that I got that in and it was a nice cool morning, but I think I am going to go ahead and go back to lifting in the morning and walking in the afternoon. It just works out better timewise. Which leads me to one of my NSVs today. At the track, I remembered that I was thinking I was so much faster the other day at Wal Mart so I decided the next time I was at the track I would time myself. I know I used to do like 5 minutes and some change laps around the standard track, today, just a scooch over four minutes per lap!!!!! And it may sound stupid, but I just feel more powerful. I can't explain what I mean, but I just feel my muscles moving, especially my core muscles and it just makes me feel like..... I don't know, I just can't explain it! As for my second NSV for the day, it kinda took me by surprise actually. I did it then realized that I had done it and made a mental note to post it here. I carry all my weight in the belly, and I mean all. So my big ol' round belly has kept me from being able to squat down for several years now. I was taking some trash out at the office and dropped a magazine as I was walking but I had a box on my shoulder, so I squatted down to pick up the magazine and realized, "holy crap, I just squatted!". Now it was not super easy, but I got back up fairly easily too so that tells me my core is getting better. I say that to say this, I am in pain today from the crunches last night!! I am not in that great of shape, but I am about 40% on my way I do believe!

Eating was super excellent for the day. I had my usual breakfast of cereal, eggs and added half a banana for breakfast and the other half for a snack mid morning. I am so psyched that I realized that I can half a banana, it don't need eat all at once! And for lunch, I had my heat and eat meal that was like 290 calories, and the mid afternoon snack was the usual tuna for muscle building!! Kathy made her famous meatloaf and green beans with mac and cheese for sides. I am so proud that I have sworn off mac and cheese. I had none as it is just a bad bad calorie value. So all told, I had a 600 calorie meal to go along with the other 870 calories from the rest of the day. I wanted a yogurt, but I instead had to eat a Starbird maybe, not sure of the brand, but it was a mixed vegetable steamer packet with like potatoes, roasted red peppers, snap peas and other various veggies. It was a total of 200 calories for the packet and it was yummy! I still have 130 calories in the bank but I just don't feel the need to use them. I am stuffed.

So I don't know who follow Jack Sh*t gettin' fit, but I love the guy, he cracks me up everyday. So in his honor, I wrote a song that is sung to the tune of the song that goes 'why do birds suddenly appear, everytime you are near" only my lyrics go something like this:

Look at pounds
suddenly disappear
holy cow,
where's my rear?
just watch me
I will be
Skinny Shane!!!

Not bad for a first effort by someone that has zero creative talent!

Well bloggers and blogerrettes, I must put the laptop away for the evening. I will see everyone in the morning where I hope to see as many great posts I saw today about weight loss and determination. I keep on being inspired by you guys and I will keep trying to do the same for you!!


So after I originally posted this, I remembered we had bought a cantaloupe that was already good and ripe two days ago, so I went ahead and cut it up. I did have a cups worth for 60 calories, which still leaves me 70 calories shy for the day. It was yummy though! I just had to come and disclose the extra calories in the spirit of me being honest on this blog.


  1. AWESOME news and NSVs! Also I am quite proud of you for going out on the creative limb and posting your song lyrics. I really like them. Great job! Thanks for your support on my blog. I appreciate it!

  2. Shane, I love someing here and "hearing" how excited and joyful these lifestyle changes are making you! You not only inspire me to stay the course of healthy eating, your blog posts make me smile. Good job!!

  3. Seconds definitely count when it comes to walking and running. People have no idea how hard it is to shave seconds off your time. Great job!

  4. Great song!
    Congrats on your NSVs! Those are wonderful! I can't wait for you to discover how much more comfortable life is, just moving around, as you lose more weight. You're going to feel like an entirely new person...healthy, full of energy, like you can conquor anything that comes your way!

    (Great job saying NO to the mac and cheese! I'm so proud of you! But what the heck is your wife doing making that stuff if she's trying to lose weight too? Tsk tsk!)


  5. Under 280! Another goal met! Miss you!!!

  6. Great job on exercising while starting a new job. That is awesome :)

  7. Yep, tell Kathy no more M & C.

    Love the song. You're doing great! I love coming here and reading all the positive things you are thinking and feeling.