Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 21 A T-Shirt Victory and a 5k Lesson

So as I wrap up my 21st day, I am overall pretty pleased with myself. I made what I consider some excellent choices. The first being I tried for my second 5k for the weekend. I knew I was sore going in but I had to try and do it. I did not finish the second one, coming on in after half, but I think just getting out there and giving it a shot made me feel good that I am there. I am willing to get out of the house and go walk for 3.2 miles, even if my muscles aren't ready to do it two days in a row. My second good choice of the day was to realize that I had an "event" coming up tonight that would have some lower calorie values at it (less bang for the calorie buck) so I knew I needed to try to budget for that. Kathy and I went to the Hunter's and had some enchiladas for supper and oh my word were they yummy!! I had banked back a little over 1100 calories for that meal by keeping breakfast simple at 360 calories and then snacking on fresh tomatoes and vegetable soup for the rest of the day. So I decided to enjoy two enchiladas at 400 calories each and then I had a little sliver of cake that was there for 150 calories. By the time I left I had about 100 calories left to eat something to take with my nightly medicine. I warmed up about 8 french fries Lauren had left from last nights dinner and that put me right there on the line. However, there will be no room left for error as I am going to bed once I finish this entry.

I have kinda been reading over some of Sean's blogs for the last year and I got to one I really enjoyed and that hit home for me. I didn't go back and look at the date, but I believe it was September 26 2009. He and his family had planned on taking a trip to Frontier City that they all enjoyed because they all fit the rides, Sean included. Although they are not big amusement park fans, they went and had a blast. Well, the big difference here is that I am a HUGE amusement park fan. However, over the last five years, I have been struggling to enjoy them more each year as the amount of rides I fit on has shrunk each year. In fact I spoke about that in one of my first blogs. I couldn't ride the giant barn swing ride at Silver Dollar City because I couldn't latch the guard around my belly. Lauren didn't want to ride by herself and so she got off with me. I don't think I have enough time left in this season for Silver Dollar City to get that skinny, but my goal is that by the time Silver Dollar City opens the amusement rides back up next year, I want to spend the day waiting in line for roller coasters and thrill rides without wondering and hoping that I will fit in them!!! I want to wear Lauren out with a day of riding those rides.

So there was another victory in this journey today, small as it was. My family and the Hunters took vacation together at the beginning of June this year and spent a week in Branson, which is when the ride incident happened. So before we left for Branson, I had bought a t shirt that had the Iron Man on it with AC/DC For Those About to Rock written on the background. It was an ultra cool t shirt and I so wanted to wear it in Branson. It was only a XX but it looked like one I could possibly squeeze. Wrong. When I put it on, I looked like a Christmas ham stuffed into a tube sock! So it got hung up in the closet with the promise that I would fit it one day. Well today, I had gotten showered up in anticipation of our visit to the Hunter's this evening. In the closet, I was going through my t shirts and saw that one. I have talked about how I feel skinnier lately so I thought you know what, that is a great litmus test. Let's see where I am at this time. I am proud to say, I wore that t shirt all night tonight and it fit wonderfully!!!! Not a great big victory, but one that I will take.

Well I am strangely glad tomorrow is Monday. It will officially begin the week I get to weigh and measure and see hard numbers regarding my progress. I am so pumped to see what my numbers are. I know that likely 11 pounds won't happen twice, so I am thinking I would like 7 pounds. Just enough to get me in the 270's! I would officially be lighter than when Kathy and I started dating! Just for you babe!

I believe my body just told me that is it Shane, go to bed! I guess I better listen and get there. Hope every one of my blog friends had a great day today and realized something new and positive about themselves and their new lifestyle. Please, keep on inspiring me, and I will try to do the same for you!


  1. YAY for AC/DC tshirts! (I love AC/DC!) Congrats on your non-scale victory!

  2. As Christine says, terrific non-scale victory! I love rock t-shirts - my 16-month-old daughter is wearing a Guns 'n' Roses one as we 'speak'! (Her favourite is the Pantera one, though!)

    There is a site that sells really funky rock t-shirts and I'd love to get one - their largest women's size is a skinny-fit US size 10/UK size 14. I'm currently a US size 18, so some way to go! :o)

  3. Shane, Super congrats on fitting into that TShirt. Each time you wear it, it will be a reminder of just how far you have come. Way to go! Second, every time I read about how you are "banking" your calories it reminds me to keep it up too. You are an inspiration! Happy Monday! Michele

  4. Great job on the shirt! Isn't it nifty to fit into those clothes. It's like Christmas morning and I'm 9 years old again. Keep it up!

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