Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 16 A Boat and a Fantasy

Good Tuesday night everyone. I see we all made it through another hot hot hot day! It was 96 when I went out to water at 8:15 at night! I made a little more headway in the job search today. I have to go take a skills test for clerical work at a temp to get what may be a dream job for me. Lois Law is a legal search engine that has a local office here. I would be reading case law all day and gleaning the important issues from them to put in headnotes. Good pay, great benefits, flexibility in time off, etc. It sounds like my kind of place to work! But I have the notion God is putting me in the first job I sent the resume to.

I have talked about focusing on the future and keeping your motivation today. I had a funny thing happen on the way home today. I have a huge love of pontoon boats. My parents own a 25 footer with the canopy and inboard motor, etc. I love that boat! So anyway, I was driving home and at this little store parking lot, there was a smaller pontoon boat, prolly an 18 footer,for sale and I suddenly had this vision of me on it, cruising down Beaver Lake. But in this fantasy, I was shirtless and tan as all get out!!! Man was I good looking!!! Now I do have a farmers tan at present. Cause as all guys that are as big as me will tell you, gotta cover that keg up!! My belly hasn't seen the sun since I was prolly 24. But here I was cruising down the lake, shirtless and tan! One day, folks, one day!

So for whatever reason, I have been unable to get in the general area of my limit for my calorie bank today. I am at 1545 now and could not eat another bite tonight if I did want to. I had standard lunch and snacks at work, but for supper, I grilled two boneless skinless chicken breasts, and Kathy fixed a can of corn and reheated the rest of the 15 bean soup. I made myself 4 ounces of chicken breast chunks and a 1/2 cup corn and 1/2 cup beans. After supper I had only 1145 calories from my bank used and so I decided a run to Braums for that teeny waffle cone with frozen yogurt I love so much! I was up 200 more calories but was having an urge for veggies, so I finished off the summer salad too for a final tally of 1545 for the day. I simply and plainly don't see anyway I could have gotten all my calories for today and that makes me happy!

I have one concern I thought I may bring up here. I am going into week three and believe you me, I count calories. I bet I spend and hour a day writing down what I ate and either copying the calories or researching them. Well I am not eating any elaborate meals nor any extravagant foods. I am a beef, chicken, pork and fish kind of guy. For whatever reason, I cannot remember the calories in these things as well as my basic vegetables I eat regularly that don't come with a nutrition guide! So again, I spend a great deal of time looking up calories. Do ya'll just know the calorie counts yet? Or does a great deal of your time go into research as well? ONe thing I am so thankful for is that restaurants are putting their calorie tables online for you to be able to plan ahead. Taco Bells seems to be the most comprehensive to date. I like that Fresco Chicken Burrito Supreme baby. Good stuff. I bet that will be my order again this Friday at Kathy and my lunch date.

I am kinda beating myself up a little over deciding not to walk or ride the bike tonight. I went out and did some watering and it took the energy right out of me, so I have kinda decided that after 9 days straight, maybe one day with no cardio will be ok. I will get back on the horse tomorrow. Well good night everybody. Keep on inspiring me, and I will try to do the same for you!


  1. Make life simple

    All the best

  2. I have used calorie king. That's a good resource to look up calories.

  3. 1. You were so full yesterday because you were eating a TON of protein! Chicken, beans, more beans, more chicken. That's **awesome** and keep doing it. The protein is what fills you up so much. Beans also have good fiber (keeps you "regular"). Keep eating a lot of protein (and cutting out the bad carbs) like that and you'll find it hard to eat 2,000 calories a day!

    2. Calorie counting. I also use www.calorieking.com. After a bajillion years of counting calories I can rattle off calories of most things, especially the foods I eat most frequently. I DO have to look things up from time to time though. Keep doing it even though it's time consuming: it's a good training exercise!

    3. National law says that (I think by the end of the year) ALL national food chains have to offer calorie information. If the restaurant has 7 or more stores in the chain, they have to post it on the menu -- including the drive-through menu!! Vending machine food will also need to post the calories on the individual items as well. Although some restaurants are already complying with this, such as McDonalds, I'm not 100% sure when all restaurants need to comply...


  4. Shane, the potential job sounds great, even if used as a bridge to an even better one. It could only help you in your law studies.

    Like you, I eat the same foods most of the time. So I am learning how many calories are in my tuna salad and 5 crackers, and my 2 egg white & 1 egg omelet. I do a lot of looking back to find when I ate something last and just copy it. And the online trackers are great, too.

  5. HI Shane,
    When I started this journey (6 weeks ago), I too charted calories. Yes, it takes a while, but it really helps. I keep it electronic (a daily log). I found that I am now able to eye-ball some of the foods and certainly know how much one cup of something is. It really, really helps and is worth the effort. I also like the calorie and nutrition info on restaurant menus. I was in CA recently and found them really useful in making decisions. Thanks for becoming one of my followers, too.