Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 24 The Eleventh Hour and God is Good!!

Wow, what a day. I was fairly frustrated most of the day in that I am coming up on my last day Friday at my current job and not one bite on all the resumes and applications I have out there. But, I was not really worried. I seriously felt God working in the background and sure enough, I got a lead on a new job today! So once again, God comes through for me! I am pretty sure I have this job, it is just a matter of working out terms of payment hours etc.

It was another great day diet wise and exercise wise as well. I kept my calories at just below bank level and my exercise level was great also. I only wish Friday would hurry up and get here cause I can just tell I have lost weight and I am really curious to see how much! I am channeling around 8 pounds and maybe even two inches lost around my belly!

I had alot I wanted to say tonight, but it is late and I spent the majority of my night watching a movie with Kathy and talking to the lady that is gonna hire me. Oh and I found out one great thing. No Fridays!!!! She closes the office on Fridays, day off baby!

So anyway, I was not very motivational or informative tonight. Maybe some of my blog friends can pick up my slack and keep on inspiring me and I will to be more inspiring tomorrow night!


  1. What did you eat yesterday? What did you do exercise-wise?

    Great job with the job lead! that must make having your last day at work so much more relieving and less stressful. I hope that your last day goes well. Have you made a lot of good friends/colleagues at the current job?

    Much love! (And thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the comment yesterday!!!)


  2. Christine, I ate my usuals for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast was a bowl of Special K, 220 calories with milk, and two eggs, 140 calories. Lunch was two fat free hot dogs with buns, 260 calories. Snacks of grapes, 70 calories, tuna with brown mustard and a tablespoon of fat free miracle whip, 130 calories. I had a bolgna sandwich with cheese at mom's during my evening visit, 320 calories. Then when I got home I had a can of Chunky Soup New England Clam Chowder for 260 calories. I added a snack of chips and salsa, surprise! for 180 calories and finished off two of my jalapenos for 30 calories. oh and I had one of my coworkers homemade oatmeal cookies for what I counted as 100 but it may have only been 65 after further research. still stuck with the 100 count though. So total I had 1710 on the calories. For exercise I did three sets each of dumbell bench press flyes and bench press presses. At lunch I walked approximately a mile an a half at a rapid pace. so yeah pretty pumped over yesterday Christine!!

    I was getting frustrated cause I wasn't able to comment on your blogs and yesterday, I happened to see the little bitty writing that said comments finally! it is hell getting old! Now I know where it is, I will be much more chatty in the comment section!

  3. Shane, that is wonderful news about the new job pending!

    Good luck on your weigh-in -- I'll be anxious to see if you lose the 8.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I always love to get visitors and comments, Shane, and I'm sure you feel the same way! I suppose, it makes me feel a little less alone in this whole grand thing called Life!

    While you did a great job keeping your food within the calorie limits yesterday, there's quite a bit of empty carbs going on in your eating: Special K, hot dog buns, sandwich bread, potatoes in the soup, potato chips, cookies. **IF** you are at a place where you feel comfortable tweaking your food choices, can you try to replace, say, half of your "empty carbs" with veggies or protein? So, you had a hot dog. Instead, why not put two "dogs" on ONE bun? It'll save you 100 calories! Instead of chips and salsa, try carrots and hummus! That'll probably save you 100 calories, too, depending on how much you eat.

    That's only if you feel ready and wanting to tweak the foodstuffs. You did a great job getting protein in though (eggs, hot dogs, tuna, bologna). Great job with the exercise too -- I love seeing the strength training in conjunction with some cardio! Muscle burns FAT quicker, easier, and more efficiently, so build your muscle if you want to lose weight!

  5. Yeah I know I am not clean eating. My thinking is at this point I just want to get portion control down, without the shock of completely different food adding to the mix. I do eat a little cleaner than that usually. I just was left to bachelor it last night and that was what came of it. I have a long term plan of beginning to eat cleaner once portion control by way of calorie counting has stuck. I just don't want to feel deprived and go back to my old ways.

  6. Shane!! I miss you buddy! :) DAY 24 IN THE BOOKS FOR YOU - AND DAY 28 FOR ME. WE GOT THIS!



  7. Good thinking Shane! And your eating wasn't really bad by any stretch! You had all kinds of healthy things going on in there, like the grapes and tuna and Special K and Salsa...all good, healthy things! You're doing wonderfully!