Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day56 NFL Baby!!!

I am not a fan of either team, but man it is good to see and NFL game that counts!!!In the past couple of years, I have kinda slacked off in my football watching. I have been watching the Cowboys, but that is about the only game I catch each week. So I have decided this year, I will get my homework done more efficiently, and I will keep my chores done up in the Monday through Saturday, and I will watch more NFL this year. It is good for my stress level to have a forum to yell, scream, holler and fuss without offending anybody I have to deal with on a daily basis. Before I married Kathy, that last one would have read cuss, but I try really really hard to not curse while Lauren is around, so fuss is the new ending of that sentence... haha.

I got a quiz done tonight for Diversity in the Workplace, I still have to read two essays and submit answers to questions and I have a test due Saturday in the class. I accidentally printed off the wrong essay at school, so I have to go out tomorrow and buy ink for my printer. I want to take care of it tomorrow then take my test Saturday and get that all over with ASAP. We want to hike this weekend and I will have to mow too, so it is looking like an uber active weekend.

I am feeling really good about tomorrow morning's weigh in. I still see that 259 in my head, sure hope to see it on the scale tomorrow too! Here is the funny thing about today, I haven't been hungry here lately at night. Heck I have been trying to get to 1500. Well today, I was hungry all evening. I got up to 1600 calories today. There was a slight change today in menu though. Kathy and I switched our lunch day since she has to work tomorrow thru lunch. We went to this little restaurant down the road from my work we both loved when I was sit around Shane. I always got the fried catfish sandwich with fries. I decided to get the taco salad and see what it was like. It was alot of cheese! Luckily, it wasn't melted cheese and I got most of it off. I took the three ounces of hamburger meat and put it on top of the lettuce and tomatoes and ate that with the tiny bit of cheese I couldn't get off. All told, I ate around 350 calories for that meal. I was proud of me for leaving the chips and taking the cheese off! I could have just ate it as is, but I just was not able to bring myself to do it! Wow what a difference in me! There was also a change in tonight's menu as well. Kathy baked some chicken legs for us with a tad bit of barbecue sauce, but she removed the skin. She also made me a salad. I am pretty sure I way over estimated the meal at 500 and am next to positive given the amount of meat on the legs I waaaaay overguessed. But I couldn't find a good estimate on the chicken leg calories, so I thought that was the best course of action.

Next we see each other I will have weighed and likely be a chipper old man! I was visualizing today and I love to just think about how the fat in my body is just dissolving and going away. I imagine the fat around my organs being drained out and shrinking fat cells and how my organs are saying "thank you so much" to me. Well half time is over, see ya'll later!!


  1. goodluck with the weigh in Shane

  2. Chicken legs are dark meat, so dark meat has more calories than white meat (because it's more fatty). But if Kathy took the skin off the legs (GOOD FOR HER) then that significantly cuts down on the calories! Great job all around! Good job with that salad too and steering clear of the included tortilla chips!

    I like football and watched the game last night! NO blew MN out! Ha ha, take that you (super cute adorable) Brett Favre! :-) I watched the whole dumb game while my hubby played computer games downstairs; I couldn't believe I was watching football without him!

  3. I'm glad it's football time. I like the pros and also the college games. I said like, not love.

    I love taco salad and don't know if I would have been able to leave the chips. Scrape the cheese, definitely. That shows we can have the things we love with a few modifications.

  4. I read this post a day after you posted, so a little late with my wisecrack: but what do ya mean with this:I am not a fan of either team....

    Holy smokes!!! There is only one team in the NFL and that would be MY team the Vikings with yours truly BF. Yep, we were a little rusty last night, but just you wait!