Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 62 I Am Stroooong!!!

This day was one of those days. You know, the one where 5 o'clock cannot get there fast enough. We have a client that gets on my last nerve, talks about every thing you didn't ask him a question about, never finishes his thought, is cryptic when he answers finally. Well, I had to talk to some people he is calling for witnesses on our behalf in his divorce. I definitely, beyond any shadow of any doubt dealt with my quota of idiots for at least the next seventy two hours. Gees!!

I have a question. Is Jello in any way a bad thing? I made some tonight for a snack.I got the sugar free lime and it is pretty good. I ate half the bowl and it was a whole 10 calories. I like it for the fruity taste and it kinda calmed my sweet tooth. So, is there any reason I should not keep having it as a snack?

I know I talk alot about the cardio I am doing, or more specifically the ton o' walking as fast as possible. Well, lost in that message is the fact that Monday through Friday, every morning regardless, I do a weight workout. It is not that big of a deal, I pick a three lifts a day, do them with my dumb bells or as in this mornings case, I did some crunches as one of my exercises. I have been doing them, but I have been doing three sets of ten. I decided today to just bust out as many in a row as I could so I can start doing more at a once. I got up to twenty!! Yeah baby! I am strong!!! I know that for whatever reason, I feel powerful on a fairly regular basis now adays. ONe of the best parts of all this getting in shape. Well, I don't let something go anymore. As in when I walk past a piece of trash, I stop and pick it up. When something needs straightened up, I do it, when homework needs to be done, I do it. I mean it has permeated my life, every aspect! I had a high kicking contest with Lauren tonight! I never would have done that before this. I am Stroooooong!!!

I did change one thing on my menu today. It is something I am thinking about adapting. I had turkey bacon for breakfast in place of the eggs. It was pretty dang good. I had some Saturday, but I got it too done. So I found the middle ground today and it was better. I like finding new stuff every once in a while. Do you guys get the same charge as I do for new foods?

Hey guys, go check out Cori at her blog. She is getting some traction. She lost 4.4 pounds recently and I have been watching her diet. I like what she has going on! Go on over there and give her a howdy.

As promised, here is my campaign sign thanks to Kathy!


  1. Hi Shane I really look forward to your psot everyday, You are doing amazing. Very inspiring so I say Thanks. Jill

  2. There's a couple of different bandcamps about gelatin floating around there. Vegetarians typically stay away from it because...get this...gelatin is made from a protein found in the collarbones of animals. Ew! Kosher gelatin is made from the protein in the bones found in fish. Natural foodies might dis jello because all the "fake" ingredients ("natural food flavors") and preservatives found in it. Especially the sugar-free version -- it's low in calories, but the sweeteners are all shit that's known to be bad for you (the same crap sweeteners found in sodas, etc.)

    That being said, it's low in calories and if it's tasty and fills you up, then I say go for it. You can make it a healthier treat by replacing the 2nd cup of water with a cup of fruit of your choice (pears, fruit cocktail, diced peaches...canned stuff is good too).

    That's kind of a long answer, but I wanted to be thorough. :-)

  3. Hi Shane,
    I picked up on your blog when both Kenz and Sean mentioned you. I finally caught up on all your entries from day one to yesterday and wanted to let you know that I find you very inspiring, enthusiastic, funny, and all those positive words. I started my own journey-to-a-healthier-lifestyle this week and look forward to a better future with my kids.
    Keep on inspiring!

  4. Well thank you Melanie. If I can be of any help, you let me know and I will do my level best to help you as best I can.

  5. I like sf jello for dessert sometimes, which reminds me i haven't had it in a while!
    If i could i'd vote for you :)