Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 64 and Probably Day 65

Hey there. I am posting this on Saturday morning because I kept myself busy on Friday night. I am gonna be busy the rest of this weekend, so I may be posting for Saturday as well. I love my life, but sometimes I need a slow period that doesn't seem to be coming around anytime soon.

So I told you about eating out at Subway and the Bell on Thursday night. Well once again I ate out on Friday for lunch and dinner. Not bad choices mind you. I had a grilled chicken breast sandwich, had them put spicy mustard on it, took off the top bun, ate about a quarter of the bottom bun and then used the mustard on the bun as a dip for the breast. I ate the lettuce and tomato and went away feeling like I had done well. I had some family issues come up on Friday afternoon that left me getting home a little later than expected. Kathy and Lauren had waited for me, and were no longer in the mood for grilled chicken breast but wanted to go the Marketplace Grill. I looked up their menu and decided that the Teriyaki Chicken stir fry sounded great so off we went. WEll I just felt a little off this morning (saturday) so I decided to break my rule of waiting for every second Friday to weigh and see if my suspicion was right. It was , I was at 261, which is a pound more than last Friday! So I am now done with eating out. I know I have not gone over my calorie limit at all so I suspect that the out food has been loaded in salt and I am holding on to water despite drinking it like a fish. So done. I will be taking my own food to Texas and eating before the inevitable dinner out.

Now that was the bad news. Here is the good news. I am frikkin' fast! I went out for my Saturday 5k and it has been stuck in my craw to try to get some substantial jogging on these things. I finally broke down today and planned to go my first two laps at my usual fast walk pace, then jog my 3rd lap. Walk my fourth to recover, try to jog the 5th lap and walk the 6th. Well i was successful in the lap 3 plan, but I only jogged half of lap 5. I did however jog the last half of lap 6 and my time wound up being 47:32!! that is a full 3 minutes off my record time!! I took a picture of the stop watch with my phone and e mailed it to me with the intention of putting the picture on here, but it hasn't hit my e mail yet. So maybe tomorrow?

I will hopefully see you guys by tomorrow morning but if not, have a great weekend!!


  1. Good for you on the jogging, Shane! I think we all can use more cardio to help burn those calories and get our metabolism moving.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Just found your blog and I'm looking forward to following and catching up on your weight loss journey.

    Just wanted to make a brief suggestion about eating out. I'm doing a program called 6 week body makeover and I do not add any salt to my cooking or eat any foods that have salt (other than its natural contents). I must say, that I have found (not with fast food places of course) that most dining establishments will cook your food to order and if you request no salt/oil, etc. they won't use them.

    Looking up the menu is a great tip for folks as well as waiting until everyone else has ordered so you won't be tempted to just order to get it over with.