Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 51 Damn Birthday Cake!

Okay before I start bitching, I want to brag on me. I got this morning's 5k in in two minutes less than last week's!!! I was done in 50:30!!!!! And I didn't jog but the same distance as last week either, it was just me walking faster and harder than before. So I am hanging my hat on that and hoping to knock another minute off next week and maybe start jogging the last two laps on the straight to my house.

Ok, I know the title insinuates that I ate birthday cake all day, but I didn't. I had one piece and I scraped most of the icing off, but still, it kinda ruined my day as far as quality eating. We did have deli sandwiches for our unexpected get together at my house to watch the Hog game. I had one sandwich on a deli roll for 400 calories the another half sandwich on regular sandwich bread for 165 calories. I know Christine will prolly rag me about the bread, but it was good and it was whole wheat. I had yogurt for my snack and then I ate a couple of slices of chicken deli meat that we had and that rounded out my 1800 for the day. Honestly, take the cake out and I had a great eating day. I am really liking the new formula of one whole egg and two egg whites in a scramble. It keeps me full for the morning. And Kathy's tuna salad never gets old.

I had a great time during the get together. I am learning that the food is not the attraction just as Sean says, it is the company. I normally would have gone all nuts on the stuff we had here, but what I ate was both sensible and I practiced portion control. It was a victory for me! I am going to work on eating even less the next get together. I am also debating about not worrying about offending anyone by not eating something I don't want to. I really didn't want the birthday cake today, but It was a birthday party and I got fixed a piece. I did refuse the ice cream though. So there is that. I would have loved to use those 200 calories elsewhere, but hey the past is the past.

I am really psyched about going hiking tomorrow, but my baby Lauren has the sniffles pretty bad and I am not sure she will have the wind to go on a three mile hike tomorrow. I thing Kathy gave her some mucinex to see if it was just allergies, so if she dries up, it is a go! I will try to get some pictures of the awesome overlook on the trail we are going on. I think you will be impressed.

Don't know what my deal is, but I am feeling extremely skinny the last few days. I am not complaining either. I was not a fan of the feeling fat phase and prefer this much more!

Time for bed folks. I will catch ya'll tomorrow and hopefully report no more birthday cake eaten! grrrrrr!!


  1. My own birthday cake is the only one I don't damn. Actually around here I usually end up with several birthday cakes. I got that from Richard Simmons years and years ago. He said enjoy your own, let everyone else's go by the wayside. It was worked well for me.

    When I feel skinny, I'm usually losing - hope that means the same for you!

  2. Maybe if you're feeling skinny, it's because...you are!! You are doing so well in the food, exercise, and mental aspects, Shane. You can't be anything but skinny. Keep it up!

  3. Good advice Helen ... everyday is someone's birthday,and that is a lot of cake!