Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 53 Do You Know When?

Well it was a pretty uneventful Monday for me. I didn't get alot done today other than cleaning the cabinets for the glasses and tupperware and organizing them. I also got the floor cleaned and then got a mile and half walk in. I was really sore from Saturday and Sunday still, so I walked the first mile hard, then the last half mile at a comfortable pace. As far as food goes, I was pretty low on calories for the most part of the day. I actually have gotten to 1630 calories up to this point. I had two whole eggs fried this morning, then the 1/2 cup Special K and 1% milk, then for my morning snack, I had a stick of my pepper jack cheese. For lunch I had my usual pita with lunchmeat and my afternoon snack was a leftover turkey sausage link. I also had a mini candy bar for a treat today. I think it was a Hershey bar. So through all that I was only at 645 calories. For supper I had what I over guessed I think to be 8 ounce chicken breast, spinach, and corn. I was up to 1145 after that meal. I have snacked a bit more than usual tonight but like I said, still in the bank and still healthy stuff. I had a sandwich slice of american cheese, another stick of the pepper jack cheese, yogurt, and a table spoon of peanut butter with a swallow of milk. All in all, not to bad folks, not too bad.

So during my walk today, I had a thought that plagued me. I was thinking and it dawned on me that I hadn't always been a slave to food. I had often been fat, but not because of an addiction to food. I got real fat out of high school because I worked at KFC, was broke (to read I spent all my money on beer and Mad Dog 20/20)and ate alot of chicken. I did get that knocked off but got large again in my late twenty's. But in all that, I was never addicted to food, it was generally me being lazy or even sugary sodas were one of my addictions. So I was trying to pin point what time it was that I became food addicted. It finally did come to me. I had quit one of the better jobs I have ever had to go to work with a friend of mine repossessing cars and eventually bail bonding. Well it seemed like from day one, we were competitive eaters with each other. WE just ate and ate and enjoyed ourselves all the time. Well, as doing business with friends almost always does, things went south and we had to go our separate ways. I went into pretty good depression at that time and at that point, I did start putting a premium on my eating to enjoy myself. I was addicted to fast food, home food, Wal Mart Deli food, you name it, I loved it. Now, here I am. Back on my way down once again but this time with an added knowledge and new determination, fueled by my love of my family and also partly due to my obligation to my fellow bloggers. I am confident that this knowledge helps me a to conquer this beast. I will win and I will take care of my family!

So can any of you my friends pinpoint the point in time you can say got you here in this place?


  1. I have always had weight issues shane just a different levels. I think thats what scares me about getting to my ideal wieght I have never been an " ideal weight" so how do I stay there, afteryears and yeasr of yo yo dieting, but I am determined to get ther and stay there Jill

  2. I guess in my adult life I have never been at an ideal weight either Jill. I was when I was 11, but for the most part, I was just a slightly overweight kid because I was always in athletics. It was after school that I balooned up. It matters not because all that is over with!

  3. I think it's really healthy for you to look back and try to figure out what happened in your life, what patterns of behavior and thought lead to your weight gain. That's how you learn, you know?

    I find it funny that you were a bail bondsman/Repo man! That's hilarious! I bet you have a ton of great stories from that job.

    I hope today is a great day for you!

  4. I remember Mad Dog 20/20. Do people still drink that toxin?

    Looking back and analyzing is a step in a good direction. Figuring out the source of the problem is a big part of losing weight permanently... never to gain again. :)

  5. Ppssst! You mentioned something on my blog about being interested in a similar ropes course in your area. I think there are two, that I see:


    and perhaps this one:


    I don't know how far they are from you though.

  6. OK, this won't help you a bit...but you really brought back a memory for me. MD 20/20...freshman year of college...hayride...with BOYS! I, unlike you, have been fat since I was in 1st grade. Hey, I had kindergarden for skinny! So, college, never had a date, on this hayride with MD 20/20...lots of it. Never drank before that either....wow.....that was a trip down memory lane. Thank you.