Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 74 Anyone For A Veggie Burger?

Hey guys, if I was not put on the I am committed to this journey list by ya'll before, I have to be put on there now! As I have mentioned, I am in the Hot 100 Challenge and one of my goals was to go breadless for that 100 days. Well I failed on the first couple of days, but in the spirit of the challenge, I decided that since I am not sure if the Joseph Pitas are bread or not, I decided to change my routine lunch. I was doing my Wal Mart laps this morning and trying to think of an alternative and I came up with it..... veggie burgers! So when I finished up the laps, I walked to the frozen section and found them. Only 130 calories per pattie! I hate to buy things without knowing, but I bought the 4 pack and had my first one at lunch time today. Frikkin yummy! I loved it! So there is one day with a victory of no bread! I also had a salad for supper and have kept my calories to 1310 for the day, for two days in a row I am under 1500. Not so shocked about that part as I am that I am not hungry.

Have you guys ever been around that person that was able to eat a piece of this, a nibble of that and never really eat much at a sitting? I have a bunch of those people in my life. I used to hate them for having that ability. Hey, guess what, I am becoming one! I went to Jason's for the game Sunday and we had Taco Bell, I had a fresco burrito (did not think about the tortilla being bread, until Kathy told me) and then they had some grapes out. I took about 15 of them and called it good! Not my usual 100 or so, just 15 at most. So, anybody else getting to that point?

Becky was awesome enough to say some nice things about me in the comments and in an email. And get this, she invited me to guest blog on her blog! I am sincerely touched and honored to get a request like that! So I will be doing it for sure. I am going to revisit an old post that got me churning early on in my journey. I think it bears repeating. Hopefully, I will get it to her this weekend and it will be up by Monday.

I am curious if anyone knows how those blog awards are made? I want to make one for some of my favorite people, but mine will be just a way to say hey I think you rock and that is all. I will not put any kind of you have to's on it. Just there ya go awesome person. Any help on designing one?

Who thinks I should jump rope for my workout tomorrow? I am leaning that way, but i am thinknig more like the garage this time. It was freezing this morning! I stayed in the workout room in the house and got me some curls and some crunches. I am getting strooooong!!!! Anybody for arm wrestling? haha.


  1. Veggies burgers are good, but my hubby would die first. Meat snob LOL
    I am eating less at lunch. . . and being ok with it! It's an awesome feeling :)
    Glad you had such an awesome day!!!

  2. So did you get some jump roping in? I hope today is a good day for you!!!

  3. You can not even eat whole wheat bread? That is hard. I love veggie burgers! I had one yesterday. I really like black bean burgers, those are great. Sometimes I buy the veggie nuggets. :)

  4. Very awesome on the food!! SO nice not to be hungry. I love the morningstar chipotle bean burgers. They are HUGE and 210 calories. I eat that with a bit of sour cream, lettuce and tomato for a nice 250 calorie lunch. My favorite! I'm having it today!

    I don't know how to make "buttons", like the awards they give out. I have one on my recipe blog but someone made it for me. You can google "how to make a blog button" and there are tutorials but I couldn't figure them out, though I'm not computer savvy. At. All. Hope it goes well!

  5. Suggestion: Change your goal to say you will not eat any WHITE bread. Then you can go with the whole grain and multigrain and your pitas, as long as you don't overdo it. I would hate to give up the pitas, since they are oat bran, whole wheat, and 5 g of fiber. (I love them, too.)

  6. Hi Shane. I am new to your blog. Its great! I am going to venture into veggie burgers this week too! I hope i love them too! One thing that I have learned along my journey (I am down 65 lbs so far) is that if I eat the right foods(protein and less sugar, etc) then my body stays full longer. I also find that eating every 2 to 3 hours (just a snack of yogurt or something) wards of that uncontrollable hunger. Thats where I get into trouble is when i get real hungry!

    I look forward to following your blog.


  7. I have my veggie burgers (tomato and basil is my favorite) on the sandwich thins or bagel thins. Really low calorie lunch when I add a salad and fruit. So filling. Congrats on the weight loss and keep it up!

  8. I think the easiest way to make an award is to use powerpoint. Draw a text box and fill it the color you want with the border you want, then add little snippets and pics to it, then select all the items and group them and save them as a picture.

    I am not one for veggies, so I'm not sure I would dig veggie burgers, but I'll try them. I do like salmon burgers, the best I have found are frozen at whole foods. Low cal, good portion size, and tasty.

    Polar's Mom

  9. Man if I jumped rope...I'd hurt some things. Some probably not even on my body!

    I've been wanting to try veggie burgers but I'm afraid!

  10. The veggie burgers sound good, but I sucha chicken at trying new things. Hope your having a great week

  11. We eat veggie burgers all the time. The black bean spicy ones are our favorites. Nice for your heart too, no fat.

    Yes!! I would love to hear that you jumped rope! ANd post the video clip!!!

  12. I promised myself I wouldn't follow another blog, due to time restraints! But, then you had to go and refer to me as "hot". Nice one Shane. You now have another follower.

    I hate veggie burgers...turkey burgers are for me. I love meat.

  13. Hey Shane...I recently started reading your blog and I must say that I think you're pretty cool, right down to the name of your blog!

    I also have many people in my life who totally understand the meaning of the word "moderation," and I'm becoming one of them! It's the best feeling in the world!!!

    Also, I do graphic design at work and I'd love to make your blog icon for you. Let me know if you still need one, or if you already have something going.

    (I'm at metamorphosis4life@blogspot.com.)

  14. I've never had a veggie burger, but I sure wouldn't be opposed to trying one.

    Good for you not giving up on the challenge because of a few days. It is all about bettering ourselves, even amongst missteps.