Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 61 Ok, Now This is Getting Crazy! But the Good Kind

I do not think I have mentioned this in my blog yet. I am running for the Justice of the Peace in my district of Crawford County this November. Today, I ordered my campaign signs!! Or more to the point, Kathy ordered them from a local sign shop. I had her go and pick out the scheme I just told her what I wanted it to say. She emailed me the proof at work and I loved it! I will try to get a copy of it posted on here if I can get it to this computer. I am pretty excited. My opponent has not shown any interest in making it a sporting race. I almost decided against getting signs, but I thought it best to get my name on peoples minds so that when they go in the booth, they have seen that name and click it. I kinda hope he doesn't do signs, but who knows.

I had class tonight and it is the one I like the least right now. We studied a PERT chart for a project like building a building that creates a critical chain of events based on time tables. I totally didn't get it while I was in class, but I figured it out when I got home and studied myself for a bit. It is easy but he goes too fast like you already know how to do it after just one pass at it. I was so frustrated in class but after a couple of successful practice questions, I got it.

I went back to my usual menu today. If it ain't broke, don't fix it? Plus I am a creature of habit. I am so much so a creature of habit that I am having a bass ackwards fight with myself tonight. I am in shock to even be having this problem. See, sit around Shane knew he needed exercise, and often tried to talk himself into it, but just never quite found the time or want to to actually do it! Now zoom zoom Shane is trying to talk himself into taking a day off of walking so his thighs can maybe get unsore and the pain he is having under his rib cage he is pretty sure is a pulled muscle may shut up a minute. But the reality, I have conceded I will be right back at Wal Mart tomorrow morning, and once again going hard and fast to get a mile and a half in before work. Speaking of which..... well I am in shock and awe of me today. I am seriously not sure how this happened. I just know I walked just as hard and fast yesterday morning and my time yesterday morning for six laps around was 28 minutes. I was tired an puffing and everything, so I know I was giving my all. But today, well today was a special day. I got my laps in by some miracle of God in 24 minutes!!! How, I don't pretend to understand. I am happy though!!!

I have had my brain in overdrive since yesterday morning between work and school, so I am gonna shut it down now and let it cool off. I sure hope everyone has a great Wednesday and let this thought linger, "you can't get there without first walking away from here".


  1. I think it is terrific that you are running for a Justice of the Peace. Besides marrying folks, what does a JOP do?? I also admire the fact that you are going to school along with working and raising a family. Wow, Shane, is all I have to say.

    I know what you mean about the Prof that seems to go fast. Does he have office hours that you are able to attend? Often times talking with the instructor during office hours or with an appointment is a good way to talk about the parts of the content that is frustrating to understand. You would be amazed at how FEW students actually attend office hours. So, something to think about.

    I agree: If it ain't broken, don't fix it. Stick with what works on your journey while the other parts of your life are hectic. Michele

  2. Michele, thanks for the compliments. The best way I know to explain a JP is that he is the equivalent to your city councilman but on a county level. Just like the city councilmen vote on ordinances for the city, what projects will move forward, etc, that is what a JP does for the county level government.

    That is the other frustration of this professor, he is almost impossible to contact outside of class times. In fairness he is the only professor in this department and this program is part of a distance learning program as well so he is all over the state. He has lost the other professor that was in the program and they have not replaced him. so his plate is full, but i feel like we the students suffer because of it.

  3. You are a husband, father, student, paralegal, athlete, and now a politician?? Wow, Shane, I need some of that energy!

    Seriously, I admire all you're doing and that you're doing it well. You are so committed to everything you are involved in, and the excitement is contagious.

  4. You are running for Justice of the Peace? That's awesome!! I hope you win! I think you're exactly the guy that people would want to marry them. :-) Plus, it'll look great on your resume once you get your degree and seek full-time lawyering status. WIN WIN WIN!

  5. How exciting that you're running for JOP!! I wish you the best of luck.

    Laps in 24 minutes??? Awesome! You the man!