Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 52 Griffin's Gone Hiking Take 2!!

Ok, I have a new suggestion for those who are worried about binging. Get your hind end to Devil's Den State Park of Arkansas, take the Devil's Den Trial Hike, which they have labeled as moderate in difficulty (maybe at the higher spectrum of moderate, but I dunno), and don't even worry about overeating for at least that day. That would require getting off the couch or out of the recliner and that crap ain't happening! I am posting much earlier than usual today because I am likely gonna sack out a lot earlier than usual today based on today's hike and my energy level. It was a mile and a half of way up hill, way down hill, along the side of the Boston Mountains, more up hill, more down hill! It was a great workout, especially after having hit 3 miles this morning around the block. The trail is listed as 1.5 miles, so got around 4.5 miles of walking in, and the hike..... oy vay. I have a site I use to to check amount of calories burned with certain activities. For my weight it says I burned something like 1350 calories. Not sure I totally believe that, but I would be tempted to say maybe. One thing I know, I started off in a calorie deficit this morning and I am pretty sure before supper, I was in one too. We had re-runs today for lunch. We still had the deli meat and the sub rolls from yesterday, so that was lunch. I am glad we decided to eat before the hike, cause it was much more strenuous than any of us thought it was going to be. But make no mistake, we all loved it! There was so much natural beauty and it gave me a chance to show off to Lauren stuff I know and have learned in school the last three years. She may even think I am smart after today.

I have to tell you guys. I wish I didn't have to say this, but I do. I had my first slip up late last night. I fell asleep in my chair around 10 or so give or take. Well I had eaten my alotted 1800 before I conked out, but when I woke up, I went to the fridge and I got three more slices of turkey sandwich meat. I know that is not a great deal and I could have talked myself into saying I over-guessed somewhere and it was ok, but I am not that guy anymore. And I promised total honesty on this blog, and by damn I will have it. But I am kinda glad it happened and that it was not one of the old time fall off the wagons, but something I can totally fix. It was a slip up, but also a confidence in myself builder. NO bags of chips lost their lives, no hot dogs were sacrificed, and the birthday cake Pam left, still sitting in its container. Three pieces of turkey deli meat. Not bad for this fat boy.

I have not talked much about it, but I have pretty much given up all drinks but water. I do usually have a glass of tea maybe when I get home or after supper, but ice water is the norm in my hand. I have a couple of sodas throughout the week, but those are usually strategic, like before my night classes or when I want to show Kathy how much I love her after bed time.... tee hee. I am a little lost on how I can still be peeing yellow sometimes. Not a dark yellow, but some yellow nonetheless. I suppose it is not a big deal but it is puzzling. Anyway, I get like around 80 ounces of water each day and it seems to do a lot of good for me. I have read on some sites that water helps your kidneys function properly and lets the liver do its job of converting fat to usable energy. I honestly believe in my heart that I am gonna have a great loss this week!

Okay the part I know you all are waiting for, the menu of the day. Breakfast, as is normal now a days, one whole and two eggs whites with sauteed onions and mushrooms, and a side of jalapenos, 1/2 cup Special K and 1/2 cup milk, 220 calories. For a mid morning snack, I had one of my Sargento's pepper jack cheese sticks for 80 calories. After spending an hour planting flower bulbs I hope to have come up next year, I had an ounce of turkey deli meat for another snack for 70 calories. As I said, lunch was re-run of chicken deli meat sandwich on whole wheat deli roll and about 4 ounces of chicken deli meat with mustard ,for about 390 calories. When we got home, I knew it was gonna be a bit on supper, so I snagged another couple of ounces of meat for 100 calories. Then supper was 4 ounce chicken breast, or really it was 8 but i shared with the dogs so I wouldn't eat it all, and a couple of turkey sausages and a salad with low fat italian dressing. Supper rang in at 550 calories. Snack after supper was my yogurt, the key lime, for 80 calories and a cup of cantaloupe for 60 calories. All told, I had 1605 calories for the day and a crap ton of exercise that may well have wiped all those calories out! It has been a good day!

Okay here are a few pics from today's hike:


  1. Hi Shane wow the hiking looks great. way to go for uping your exercise over the weekend. Exercising with the family is so fun. Jillx

  2. Great pictures! Your hike looks fantastic! Great job on the eating too, and that "oops" sure didn't sound too bad to me at all. You should be quite proud of yourself! KEEP IT UP!!!