Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 54 Burger King

Today, I had a twinge of an old familiar feeling. I had class until 8 o clock and the professor kept us the whole entire time. So, having only had 640 calories up to 3 o clock and nothing since then, I was pretty hungry when I left school. So what I have dubbed "my burger king" is on the way home. It always smells so good when I drive by and I get the aroma of them cooking whoppers. Honestly, I have not noticed that smell at all since I started this new lifestyle, but I guess my hunger made me more cognizant of that smell when I drove by. It made me think back to the bajillion times I had stopped there and gotten the trusty Number 1 as either a meal or a snack or an emotional mop or any other litany of reasons. I have at times stopped there twice in one day. Don't worry there was no danger of me stopping tonight. I am past all that, but what it did do was make me curious how many calories I had eaten there every time I got the trusty Number 1. So when I got home, I checked. And wow folks. wow. Trusty Number One, medium size, is get this, 1400 calories!! I was shocked! By today's standards it is an incredibly high amount. I don't hit that number till supper time these days! Hell some days, I don't hit it at all! My gosh I have to wonder if I have possibly eaten a million calories at Burger King!

Today was an exceptionally good day. I had my usual menu so I won't even type out breakfast, lunch and snacks today. I will give some of my peeps props for suggesting that my tuna be replaced with almonds. I did find some habanero flavored almonds made by Blue Diamons that I love!! And they seem to help me keep my appetite under control. They are a welcome addition too. I was getting into a afternoon snack rut.

Well it waited a little longer this time around, but the anxiety of having to wait for weigh day set in today. I just can't wait and I still can't get 259 out of my head. I have really stepped up my activity level of late and my calories have been pretty much spot on and I seriously feel skinnier, whether rationally or not. One of my most recent NSVs is pretty funny really. Kathy and i have the smallest kitchen known to man. So for both of us to fit in there and try to get around each other used to be pretty much impossible. We had to do some major squeezing. Well as of late, we actually fit past each other without any internal injuries. It is great!

Well I am gonna get off here and get to bed. We had to have a long talk with Lauren regarding her talking in class that has netted her detention. I am worn out after all that.


  1. Isn't it amazing how many empty nasty calories are in some takeaway foods, You eat them and then more often then not are hungry not long after.

  2. Good morning Shane! I hope you're doing well today. It sounds like you did great passing up the Burger King! The Jr. Whopper sandwich (no fries or drink) has 340 calories...that's not TOO bad, but like you know, it's not a good "calorie investment" in the long run.

    I love almonds! I'm eating some right now, actually.

    Congrats on your NSV! I'm sure you're going to get a Real Scale Victory soon, too!

  3. Hello, Shane!
    I have to admit it has been a while since I read your blog. So this single comment will stretch back to some of your previous posts a bit.

    Congrats on wheeling by Burger King. That is simply astounding how many calories are in the # 1 combo. What would be really interesting is to know how many they sell a day. Gives us better understanding of why the obesity epidemic is what it is; well, at least part.

    I am not sure I could pin point exactly what got me here (overweight), but I know it has to do with my youth. But, it also has to do with my just being in denial and being undereducated about nutrition general.

    I am so glad to read that you and your family went hiking. The pictures are brilliant. What a lovely place. I am so glad you were able to share your budding knowledge of the natural world with your daughter. The only way we can continue to have such beautiful and wild places is by taking our youth into it and helping them to understand for themselves this beauty. Bravo, Shane!

    Oh and about that slip up. Well you and I are together on that. Mine was not turkey slices (does this even count?), but I did slip up at the fair to the tune of 700 calories overdrawn last Saturday.

    You continue to rock, michele

  4. Great job on passing up the Burger King. I recently told a patient that those places are "Death in a Box." Soooo true.

  5. Sinec I've started my weight loss journey, I've been amazed at how many calories are in foods that I was eating! Crazy!