Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 69 Somehow This Day Beat Day 68!!!

Hello and welcome to Cloud 9!!!! Just had a great day AGAIN!! It just seems like God is totally about blessing me so much these days. Today was fun and rewarding and full of NSV's. Well kinda.

After posting last night, I had to get today's outfit together. I went to all my dress shirts and started pouring through them to find one that fit, and matched my newly acquired jacket my beautiful Kathy bought for me (best wife ever!)Guess what. The shirts I bought when I first started working in the Baker Law Firm. They fit just right when I bought them, then eventually they got waaaay too small. Now, now? Well they are a tad bit too big!!! It is awesome!!!

I had the best time at Court. I loved the back and forth, the holy crap she really just said that? It was fun and educational and everything I thought it would be. I love my boss and she is incredibly awesome. And the attorney for the other side was Carrie from my old firm. She is a great attorney. I never had gotten to see her in action before and I am impressed. I hope that eventually, if I get to law school and pass, we can practice together one day. I think that would be neat.

Eating was frikkin great today. I found out something that would have been handy to know last week. Subway has salads! and they will let you put spicy brown mustard on them as a dressing! So all told, I am at 1340 calories after snacks and everything. The only regret I have for today is that I did not get a walk in this morning or afternoon. I did however manage to get the jump rope out and bang out 100 and it was pretty nice to know I could, but I will tell you this, jumping rope is harder than it used to be! I was out of breath and tired by the time I finished the 100 jumps. I am going back to lifting weights in the morning and walking after I drop Lauren off tomorrow.

Okay I have come up with the fitness and diet goals I have for the Hot 100 Challenge I mentioned yesterday. I have put the logo on my sidebar and it will take you to the page that sets out the challenge parameters. Click on it and check it out to make the last 100 days be the best of 2010! So here are my goals:

1. To continue to limit myself to 1800 calories per day as I have, with the possibility of lowering that limit to 1600 at a later date.

2. I want to get my 5k time down to below 40 minutes with the addition of more jogging.

3. I want to get my weight down to 240 pounds by December 31st.

4. I am going to eat more vegetable and fruits.

5. I am going to continue to drink 80 ounces of water per day and to keep soda consumption to a minimum. Or maybe even get rid of it altogether.

6. Cut bread out of my diet completely. It is not my friend.

Not a terribly ambitious list I know but those are my goals for the last 100 days. Even if you don't plan to join the challenge, maybe you could drop by and let me know what you personally plan to do to make the end of 2010 your b*tch.


  1. Congrats on the NSV!! What an exciting day at court. Days like today are really going to give you the motivation you need to succeed in law school! You're going to make an awesome lawyer someday! :-) I love your goals, and I think that they are totally do-able. They are realistic, down to the earth, and perfect for you! :-) I love them! Keep it up Shane!

  2. Wow, sounds like you had an incredible day!! Many more to come i'm sure.

  3. Wow you sound so excited, reading how motivated you are really helps me remain motivated. You seemto get some much out of your day. good for you. YOur goals are great

  4. Yay I am your 50th follower. Is there a parade or fat free cupcakes as a prize? ;)
    P.S. YOu have great goals! The bread one sounds extra hard. Good luck!

  5. Your goals are great. I joined up today and will be posting my goals later today. Kick my butt and I'll kick yours. ;-)

  6. You sound so motivated! It is infectious! Glad to see you're a hottie! Awesome goals.

    Subway salads are awesome! I keep telling them to keep piling on the veggies! I like a little of the sweet onion sauce on it. Yummers!

    I have both a recipe blog and a dieting blog, I think that the link to my name will take you to the recipes so here is my dieting one.


  7. Yes, your motivation is catchy to all of us bloggers. Good and realistic goals, Shane. I am SOOOOO happy you enjoyed court so much. I hope I need one, but it is great to know some people really like to be there!!

  8. Just wanted to visit and say hi! I'm a Hottie, too.
    I think you are terrific goals! And I like how you worded it by saying "I am going to " such and such... I am, not I hope or I'll try.

    This is going to be a great 100 days. :-)

  9. I like your goals, some of them like eating more vegetables aren't measurable though.


  10. ok I will eat nine vegetable then.

  11. Hey Shane, I accept your challenge on the 5K. See my reply to your comment.

    Please email me at
    so we can make a plan!

    P.S. Haha! My challenge word is "muckd" - is this a sign?? Hahahaha!!

  12. Sorry, I meant to say "word verification" instead of "challenge word"...

    Still laughing!

  13. Oooh, another bread lover-she's a tricky mistress! As far as your shirt fitting better-those are my best kind of days-it's like a shopping spree in your own closet! Keep it up, looking forward to following your journey.

    Polar's Mom