Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 108 Happpy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween folks!! The Trick or Treating is over with for the evening and I am satisfied with only having had a small candy bar and some Hot Tamales. I just did my calories and I did not break 1800!!That has become my outside limit for the weekends and it seems to be working out for me. I am going to brag a little. I got a wild hair yesterday to try to walk 5 miles straight through today. I am debating about doing it that way for the break at Thangksgiving, so I wanted to see how hard it would be. I am not sure I could do the whole thing at once on all four days, but I bet I could for two days in a row! I had no idea that we were also going to be walking to trick or treat tonight, and I wound up getting about a mile more in for that, so for the week, I am up to 22 1/2 miles for the week. I think that is a pretty good base number to start off with and build on. I also stayed busy with housework today. I did I think 7 loads of laundry, two loads of dishes and put all of both away when they were done. I got the a/c units out of the windows today too. I am now fighting off sleep like there will be no tomorrow, so I am going to close this out and say good night to all and hope we all did smart things when it comes to our Halloween decisions.


  1. Shane, now that's a lot of walking and energy coming from you! You must feel great!

  2. lotttsa activity there.
    here? not as much.
    here the child is still slumbering off her (whispers) candy hangover :)

  3. I just got up and reading your post makes me want to take a nap! ;-) That's some serious walking! I admire your determination. And also, way to go on the laundry and dishes. Men who do housework are incredibly sexy! I tell my husband that all the time. ;-)

    Hope you have a great week, Shane!

  4. Please come over and do my laundry and dishes. :)

    That is a butt load of walking! Staying on track during the weekend is a struggle for me also. It looks like you are rockin along. Keep it up!

  5. Great job with all the walking :) I need someone to come do my laundry :)

  6. 22.5 miles for the week is terrific! Congrats! When is your next weigh-in?

  7. Dear Shane,
    I am catching up on blog reading now that I am back from fall break. So this comment will cover the past few posts that you have done.

    First: did you get yourself some new shoes? I hope so. I wear Merrells and they are absolutely the best shoes for walking and hiking. I used them in Yosemite and logged about 15 miles. I can’t say enough about good shoes as we try to get fit.

    Second: I love the fact that you are becoming an exercise, walking addict. Your sheer determination to outdo what you did the day before (or even Lauren!) is inspiring. Be careful, though, that you do not do too much and hurt yourself. I love the plan you have for “over exercising” over turkey day. I used Sean Anderson’s 1000 extra calories for Halloween and was thinking about this for Thanksgiving and Christmas a, but now that I read your blog, I think I will cut it to 500 and overexercise.

    Third: So, how cold is it in Arkansas right now?? I am asking because you posted that you were on the treadmill because it was cold. Well, today it was 25 and I was out on my bike. I was dressed fro it though and living in Minnesota requires that you have good under layers. But, it made me wonder if layering might work for you. Treadmill is okay, but, I think you love being outside. Maybe dress in layers and see if that works fro your “cold.”

    Fourth: Great ruminations about how you figured out that you eat because you are lonesome (or at least it triggered you). Understanding why you eat is the one of the most important endeavors we do on this journey. So, excellent.

    Fifth: Stay strong in all you are doing. I am so inspired by the fact that you are making a future for yourself and your family by: taking care of your health (that is Number 1) and going to school. You have come along way already from the Shane that did not care about what he did because of your faith in the after life. So, excellent.

    Question: How is running for the Justice of the Peace going. If I was a registered voter in your district,I would hands down vote your way.

    Your blogger friend, Michele

  8. Great job staying on track Shane! That's alotta walking! I'm going to start logging my miles too! I'll keep you posted! Way to stay on track as well.

  9. I gotta say I am a little disappointed in my indulgences yesterday...and the day before... Enough is enough. today I am blogging about some goals I am setting for myself. Deep thinking going on!

    Good for you for all that walking! Whoo hoo!


  10. You are a walking freak! And that is great.