Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 77 Hot 100 Update and Three Things Thursday

Howdy folks! I am in such a good mood, which is probably directly related to the fact that Thursday is my Friday! I love the option of not working on Fridays!! I also love getting my walk on an extra session on Thursdays too. It kinda kicks my butt but it also gives me Fridays to get my legs rested up and I think my legs like that.

So the Hot 100 is going along pretty well for me. I had to amend my bread goal to exclude only white bread and the white bread they dye to look like wheat bread. I really only eat the pitas for bread for the most part. I don't have to worry about Subway now that I know that they have salads. So in its amended form, I am good on the bread goal! I plan on working on the sub 40 minute 5k this weekend by trying to get below 45 minutes on saturday, so more on that one next week. I have successfully been able to add vegetables to my diet, with a minimum of 4 servings a day. And to round out the list, I don't weigh until next Friday, so I can't report on the get to 240 goal until then. I feel thinner I know that!

I am going to try a little gimmick here and see if it sticks. I thought about putting it out there each Thursday that I ask my bloggy buddies to create a list that includes three items. I am not sure if I want to keep the criteria the same or change it up every week. I will work on that, but for this week, here is your challenge folks.

Leave in my comments a list of 3 things that you can do now that you couldn't do before your started on this journey of ours. It don't have to be a huge, oh wow kind of thing. Maybe you couldn't go 10 minutes without somehow thinking about food before. I couldn't. So if you can now, throw that on the list! Maybe you couldn't squat down and get up without putting your hand on something to help you up, I couldn't! Now I can. Maybe you always thought that personal or "me" time only involved being sedentary and not activity. I did! Now I consider my walk around Wal Mart and the block my me time. I get so much thinking and rah rah'ing done So there is my three things for this Thursday. Tell me yours!!

Oh and a couple of side notes here. First, I did get my jump rope workout in and I have determined I have muscles just below my neck that I was unaware of that just keep on hurting from jumping rope! And as far as doing the comparison pics, I honestly have not been able to find a shirt that doesn't poof out at the bottom and make me look fatter than I really am and I will not post a shirt off pick yet!! I need to buy some more shirts apparently!


  1. I came by from Steve's challenge participants page. Sounds like you are doing well:) I just amended my own goals to cut out all bread for a while; I binge even on the healthy kind. Sigh.

  2. 3 things:
    1. I can fit into my favorite jeans.
    2. I can sit in the floor and play with the children in my life, then get right up without having to roll over on all-fours first.
    3. I can run again!

    No one is cheering for you to make your 5K below 45 louder than me, buddy!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Three things:
    1.) I can jog without wearing a knee brace.
    2.) I can go clothes shopping without crying.
    3.) My knees can touch themselves easily.

    I was thinking about your dillema the other day, about wanting to run on your lunch break but lamenting the fact that you can run at Walmart. I don't think you are going to have any other choice than to try jogging in the morning or afternoon after work. Unless you can get access to an indoor track (at a high school or something) or you are willing to jog outside, then I think your options are pretty limited. What is the weather like by you, during the day?

  4. Congrats on doing so well. Just wait until I get better though. I'm gonna kick your butt in this challenge.
    Three things:
    1) I can wear a size 16 jean, not done that since college.
    2) I can run 1.5 miles.
    3) I can fit in a folding chair with extra room
    4) I can wear everything in my closet.
    5) I'm not afraid to exercise in public.
    6) I can do 25 pushups in a row

    Oh, sorry. You said THREE not Thirty! Ha ha.

  5. Way to go Shane, great start. Adding fruits and veggies to my daily intake is going to be challenging. Goof for you for making it work. I look forward to seeing the weight loss next week.

  6. You've had a great week!
    Three things:
    1. I can tie my shoes without sitting down
    2. I no longer pray for a red light when walking so i can get a break
    3. I can enjoy very healthy foods and love them :)

  7. Shane, your blog is my favorite place to go when I need a pick-me-up when I need one.

    My three things could be a list of 100 things..I love this idea, but I'll do 3 for now. :)

    1) I can walk at the same pace as my friends..I no longer stroll or waddle, I just walk confidently like a normal person.

    2) I'm not afraid that I'll get kicked off the plane for being too overweight tomorrow even though I have to sit directly next to someone. My anxiety level used to be SOOOOO HIGH!

    3) I no longer stress about walking up and down stairs. A flight of stairs used to mean that I'd be winded and sweaty. Now I can take a few in stride before I get even slightly winded.

    Thank you for this post. It makes me think that I should post all of the reasons I can think of on my own blog because focusing on the positive makes our lives so much better!

    You are a gem Shane! Thank you for being such a wonderful person!

  8. I found you through the challenge. I love what your mission statement says at the top of the page.

    Good job on a great first week!

    Three things I can do now that I couldn't do before, walk 3 miles in 40 minutes,pass up dessert,lift a case of water with little effort!

  9. Great job on the Hot 100 kickoff week!

    My three things (love that idea, btw):
    1. I might get out of breath walking up the stairs, but I recover in a matter of seconds, not minutes now!
    2. I'm exercising in public and not worrying about it anymore.
    3. I can feel the difference in what I eat - good food makes me feel better, binge stuff gives me stomach aches!

  10. Love the idea of the three thing list:
    1. I can ride 8 miles on my bike in 45 minutes.
    2. I can smooth down my shirts over my big butt instead of them bunching up.
    3. I can pass on sweet treats, and easily.

  11. Hello Shane, another Hottie here!
    1. I can polish my toenails without becoming a contortionist.
    2. I can curl up in the fetal position.
    3. I can feel bones that I haven't felt in years.
    Great idea for a post!
    Have a great week!

  12. "Three Things Thursday"...I like it...catchy!!!

    1.) Run for more than 30 seconds at a time without feeling like I'm dying.
    2.) Go throughout the day without snacking.
    3.) I no longer feel like I have to reward myself with food.

    Keep doing what you do Shane...you're an inspiration!

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  14. Hello Shane, another Hot 100 here!

    Thanks for the motivation today!

    1) I can go on the elliptical machine for 8 minutes!! yeahhhh!
    2) I can walk up a flight of stairs and only be slightly out of breath!!!! double yeahhhh!
    3) I have more confidence about working out at the gym!! Can't wait for more confidence so that i workout at a co-ed gym and be comfortable with it!

  15. Sounds like your doing great with the challenge, keep it up!

  16. 1. I can buy clothes in a store instead of making my own.
    2. I can get my seatbelt on. When I started my program, NO car seatbelt fit.
    3. I can go somewhere and not ALWAYS be the fattest person in the room.