Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 87 Walk vs. Run and Does Anyone Else Feel Really Powerful After a Workout?

So I have seen a couple of posts the last few days about walking vs. running. Christina had her husband tell her that walking is not really exercise. Tony B. said that he read an article that said that you get the same benefits from walking as running, except that you get a bit more cardio work from jogging. I guess that I am good either way since I do both! But seriously, I disagree wholeheartedly with Christina's husband. I define exercise as any activity that you do with the intention of getting in better shape and losing weight. So, in relation to let's say you sitting behind your computer screen all day and night, going for a walk to get in shape, yeah that is exercise.

So today's 5k was not a record time, buuuuut, heh heh, I did set another record. I wanted to see if I could jog a whole mile at once today, one of the reasons the 5k was not a record time, and I did!!! It was a 12 minute mile!! I am pretty psyched about that too! I actually had the legs to go another half mile but the lungs just weren't there. So I may start jogging a mile on Wednesday nights just to get my lungs in better shape and start trying to get a mile and a half jogging on the weekends for now. Anybody have any thoughts on this? I know that I am sore as hell already so tomorrow may be bad for me!

I am curious if I am a weirdo, and you guys will likely be the only ones to be honest with me and even get what I am talking about too. I felt all puffy chested and powerful today, once I recovered from my exhaustion of jogging. I do that a lot. I just feel all proud and ready for anything that may come my way. I would pity the man who picked a fight with me after a jog! I also have really been cognizant of my weight loss and muscle gain the last couple of days. I got in the car with Kathy to go visit the Hunter's for football today and I noticed that I can see my seatbelt strap that goes across my lap now!!

And I got a blog award today from both Tony and birchgirl. I do appreciate them guys but I am too tired and lazy tonight to do the stuff for them. I definitely wanted to say thank you guys. Birchgirl, thanks so much for the nice things you said about me. That seriously means a lot to me to know you think well of me. Tony, keep it up brother, you are finding a groove and once you settle in, it is gravy dude.

Ya'll have a great rest of the evening and I will see what I can do about doing the same!


  1. I really believe walking is amazing for losing weight. I lost 43kg by walkingas my main exercise, my biggest thing was making it a habit, daily walks. Shane you keep up the god work

  2. Hey Shane I am lurker of your blog.. your runs will improve and I promise soon it wont be your lungs that burn it will be your legs.. It took me ages to get to running a full 5km but once I did I have not looked back and recently completed a 10 km.
    As for running vs walking, I walked off over 40 kgs just like Jill.. and then I started running, only because I felt and wanted to become fitter.
    I am now looking into swimming and biking so I can become different types of cardio fit.
    Well done on the HUGE success you have made so far on your journey.


  3. You go guy... get a good, strong walk in and run when you can. I like to mix it up myself. If you're getting results, then keep it up,


  4. Walking vs. Running...it doesn't matter so long as your heart rate is pumping! Whatever gets your blood flowing!!!

    I'm glad you had a great jog! That's fantastic! Do you have good jogging shoes, ones that support your ankles? Are your knees standing up to the impact okay? Treat your body well! :-)

  5. You ran a mile??? That's awesome kiddo!! Keep up the great work!

  6. Congrats on nailing your mile!!! I love the endorphins that result from running. I think running during the week is an awesome idea Shane. I too get the same feeling when I've just ran...I think my chest sticks out at least another inch or so when I'm done. Maybe it's a guy thing, but none the less...it's an awesome feeling!!!

  7. I don't know that I get that feeling after a workout, but I certainly do get that feeling when I occassionally see the differences in my body (aka, take off my fat glasses).

    Great job on running a mile, Shane!

  8. I feel good after each and every workout. So glad for you that you got your jog on!! A mile is a huge deal!

  9. Hello My Blogger Friend, Shane.
    Congrats on the running. You are a rock star!!

    I am nominating you and your blog for a Blog of Substance award. I know it is a little over the top since you already have received this I am sure. I just could not bear to post a list of Blogs with Substance and not include yours. Accepting this award is voluntary. Read more about this particular award and what I have to say about your blog at:

  10. Great job on the run! I think mixing it up works better for me, too. Interval training, I think they call it. Oh, and it's definitely the endorphins making you feel all Tarzan-ish after your runs. Great, ain't it?

    For a morbidly obese person, walking may be the only exercise they can do, and then only a few minutes at a time at the beginning. Many people in Blogville started with "just" walking. Then when some pounds are gone, maybe the elliptical, or stationery bike. I guess if you're not used to moving, anything is good.

    I have lost most of my weight by walking, and just slowly increasing the distance. Not because I was morbidly obese, but because I am 53, and have to be careful with bone density loss.

    And yes, I think the Wednesday run would be the next natural step-up in your routine. Rock on!

  11. Hi Shane, I nominated you for the Versatile blog award, I love your blog and glad I found it! Please have a look at my blog for links to the original and what to do now that you're a recipient! Congrats!

  12. Good job Shane. You're doing so great.

  13. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for your 5k and for jogging the mile!!! I know what you mean about the lung thing. And i am sooooo happy to tell you that it gets better. The first mile is usually the toughest for me. Then something happens and it gets better and you can run further. Someone once told me that even marathon runners think the first mile is toughest. I remember those words every time i go for a run and struggle though the first mile. Now that you got a mile under your belt the possibilies are endless Shane! Go a little further now and again and before you know it you will be shocking yourself.

    And yes, the "runners high" you are talking about is totally normal. i even read up on it! There is a medical explanation for it and everything!

    Keep up the great work. You are doing awesome!


  14. Fantastic! Wow, you are really, really on a roll, Shane. Can you remember when you started this a mere two moths ago: did you ever think you would be jogging a mile!! Excellent! About feeling awesome and powerful after exercise (like your jogging): I will blog tomorrow about my bike ride up the BIG hills, I tell you, after I was done, I felt like no one could touch me. Which is of course not true, but the feeling was great. Michele