Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 98 Three Things Thursday and a Potential Land Mine Disarmed

Howdy bloggers and bloggerettes! It is my Friday and I am in a pretty good mood. We had our ribbon cutting for the Chamber of Commerce at the office today. There was food involved and I did get some, but I damn sure did not go into PJS mode (pre-journey Shane for those unaware). I had 4 of the salami/creamcheese/olive rolls, and some hot dip on two crackers and then filled up on the green olives on the veggie tray. They was yummy folks! I wound up leaving work with a lot higher calorie count than usual, so I had a light supper of a pita with three slices of deli meat, a veggie burger, some yogurt and then I had my celery and peanut butter for my last snack. Oh and grapes too. I still slid in under 1500 for the day so I am happy.

Tomorrow is weigh day and I have reviewed my last two weeks in terms of diet and exercise. I ended two weeks ago at 247 and I am thinking I did good enough to possibly bust into the 239 range. I am waiting on pins and needles for tomorrow morning. If I didn't go into the 230's then so be it. I will next time!!

So for Three Things Thursday, I decided that I would go with something that I have been aware of the last three or four days. I know most of us are out to lose the belly, but mine is being stubborn, so I have turned to looking elsewhere for my reminders that I am being successful, even if I am not a flat belly yet! So I am asking that you list three things about your body, not including your belly in any way,that you have noticed significant change in. For example, I am trying to hold out on getting my wedding ring sized cause it virtually flops around on my finger. I have to be careful in the shower when I am shampooing or it will fall off. I have been famous for my hot dog rolls in the back of my neck for years! I have been told, those guys are starting to shrivel and wither away. I also have noticed how sexy my legs are looking lately! I have some very impressive thighs according to my wife and I see some veins popping out of my calves now, it is a beautiful sight! So let me enjoy some of your non belly body changes and we will all share the joy together!!


  1. 1. My thighs are much smaller, especially just above the knee.
    2)My boobs are smaller and I have changed bra sizes.
    3)My butt is not as wide and I can sit in smaller chairs more comfortably.

    Glad you're doing so well. Carbs play a huge role in abdominal fat. Keep that in mind. You are doing so awesome. Can't wait to see your weigh in results.

  2. When I lost my 100 lbs. I was surprised that my shoes didn't fit. My sandals are way too big. Funny, you just don't think about losing weight in your FEET!

    My ring slid off but luckily I was in the bathroom so it didn't get lost. Again, I didn't even think about it!

    Love the PJS mode!! Nice job!

  3. I went down a notch on my big ol' bra. My wedding ring is still too tight to remove it, but it's starting to slide around a little. I'm down just over 20 pounds right now, so I don't have much more yet. But stick around, because I'll have a lot more for you in the months to come. I promise you that!

    And I love that you can look at yourself and mention your sexy legs. Let's hear it for loving the mirror! Keep it up!

  4. Great job at the office party! Those are some great choices, and even more importantly is that you tamed down your dinner to compensate for the extra food. PERFECT! Great job!!!

    And great job on your weigh-in! I already saw your results on facebook, but I won't reveal the number here until you do so. Just...great job!

    I hear you with the wedding ring problems. I got mine resized a few months ago, and about 2 weeks ago I had to stop wearing it entirely because it's once again too big!!

    My three RECENT things:

    1. This morning when I was laying in bed, I was on my side with my knees together. My knees were so bony that they actually hurt each other in that position!

    2. I can see not only collarbone, but my actual sternum!

    3. Yesterday I tried on a belt to hold up a pair of pants. Because of my hip bones, the stiff belt didn't fit well and actually kind of hurt!

  5. G'day Shane,
    Great will power at the office shindig. You're rocking this journey!
    I've noticed my weight loss in my face; it was always on the long and lean side but looked bloated when I put the weight on 8 years ago. Now I'm seeing cheek bones and the hollows beneath them again. Hallelujah!
    Also, my neck has lost a lot of fat and I no longer have a second chin when I tip my head down.
    The boobs are a given since I'm female. I don't want to clothes shop yet since I've still got a ways to go; I'm having to get creative with my work clothes so I'm not indecent!
    Keep on keeping on!

  6. Shane, my three noticable changes so far are:
    - my face including my neck. Before I looked bloated and had at least one roll in my neck
    - my thighs are definitely smaller by my tape measure but also my jeans (down one size and into the skinnier type)
    - my hips and bum, much smaller and dare I say smoother!!!
    Cheers and hoping for a 238 for you tomorrow!

  7. Great job with the work event! Those can be tough!
    My three areas of change are...
    *My fingers
    *My wrists (my husband noticed that!)
    * My ankels...they are, dare I say...petite :)