Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 91 New Type of Rationalizations and Three Things Thursday

Hey guys and gals! I am in a good mood once again! I have had a heck of a day today and I love my life! No big happenings, it was just a good day in general. I was dead on with food, exercise, work, you name it. So my exercise was my main source of happiness today. I had a great weight workout this morning. I got the most push ups at one time I have in quite some time, I did some crunches too and it didn't kill me like it did last week. I headed out to Wal Mart for my walking and I got eight hard laps in and felt so good afterwards that if I had time, I would have done another eight! At lunch, I was feeling pretty perky and had no tasks to complete at lunch, so I hopped over to the track and caught me another mile and half just to be getting more in. I didn't go hard, but I didn't stroll either. It was basically me going as hard as I comfortably could. And then after I got home, I talked Kathy into a walk with me. She could only go a half mile with me then had to leave, so I was on my own for the other half mile I had planned. Well, when I was on that lap, I was adding up how many miles I had walked today and it came to me that I had done 4 1/2 miles total. Well it didn't set well with me, so I decided that I was going to do another lap to make it a full 5 for the day!! I was home and thinking about it and check this out. Today, I made an excuse to do AN EXTRA LAP! 4 months ago, I was making excuses to NOT DO ANY LAPS! I made all sorts of excuses and came up with all sorts of rationalizations to not work out at all, to not change my eating habits, to not do anything that would benefit my health and well being for the long run. "I am too busy to add a diet into things I am doing", "my knee just keeps on hurting when I try to do laps around the block", "I can't start today, I always have started diets on Mondays". Yeah I had the reason to not get going on this journey before. I could talk myself out of doing what I knew needed to be done with any number of excuses. Three months later, I am making excuses still! But this time, these are the good excuses!! I should do one more lap because I don't want to have a half mile, I am not gonna eat my snack so I can stay below 1400 calories today, I am gonna do (insert weight training exercise) here so I can rest my (insert muscle group I probably worked too hard) but not lose my momentum in workouts. These are my new excuses. I think they will serve me much better than my old ones.

So, for Three Things Thursday, tell me what excuses and rationalizations that you used before your journey to keep you fat and out of shape instead of happy, active and on the road to weight loss and health? Leave them in the comments please!


  1. Three things...
    - I'll start Monday, or on the 1st, or the 15th or some other arbitrary number, just not today
    - the big weekend party or vacation is too close and I know I'll over indulge then so why start now
    - what diet? which one this time, I need more time to give this some thought

    Love the post and what a fantastic day!

  2. Sounds like you had a day like me! It's great isn't it!?!?!

    My top 3 excuses:

    1.) It's not Monday. You always start stuff on Mondays.
    2.) I've got plans this weekend...I'll start Monday!
    3.) A new week...a new start!

    Have you noticed how these all have to do with Monday? Why not start Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday? By all means, just start!

    Tony B. @ Half of 360

  3. Too busy
    Too tired
    Too stressed.

    The trifecta.

    Good for you Shane! Feels so great, doesn't it.

  4. I hate veggies, they all taste bad!
    If it's not fried or with butter it doesn't taste good.
    I'll eat as much as i can today and tonight and i'll try again in the morning!

    Just a few of many excuses.

  5. Tomorrow...
    There's always tomorrow...
    Can do better tomorrow....

    Now I don't want time to run out so it has to be today.

  6. I was too lazy for excuses, ha ha. I just pretended I was not fat.

  7. I'm too tired.
    It's too late/too early in the day
    I would rather be doing XYZ.

    You're doing great Shane! Keep up the great work!

  8. I don't have time for an hour of exercise every day.
    I don't know much about dieting.
    I'll start cutting back on Monday.

    I made time.
    I learned about counting calories.
    I finally started, and I've re-started on any day of the week, and any time of the day.

    NOW is the time!

  9. My biggest excuse was:
    I can always start later. If it was Thursday I would say well tomorrow is already Friday and then its the weekend so I'll start fresh Monday. Then I would cheat by Wed and say well tomorrow is already Thursday. And the cycle would begin again!
    So my big # 1- always waiting until Monday
    # 2- I just can't deal with that right now (stress, time etc.)
    # 3- I need to love myself just the way I am (but obviously not enough to treat myself right..lol)

  10. So awesome Shaniac! It's great to hear that you're "making excuses" to be successful! :)

    My 3 things would have been:

    1) I'm too heavy to exercise.
    2) I don't have time
    3) I'm embarrassed to go to the gym

    Obviously, the 3 above don't exist in my life now. :) I love the Thursday 3! Keep it up!