Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 84 Three Things Thursday and What really Was the Problem?

So Sean's last post discussed how someone had asked him how he spent so long on his posts when he blogs. Sean replied that he determined that his blog was not an "I ate this, I weigh this much now and I can wear these pants" blog, but one of introspection and discovery. I set out with that goal in mind after reading Sean's blog. I was going to psychoanalyze myself and get to the bottom of all this madness. And I think I had it going on in the beginning. I now have thought about this for about 3 days and I have come up to a conclusion that is not to flattering for me, but I believe it is the truth. I would like to think so many deep, psychological things were going on that just derailed me in my life and that is the blame for all my woes. I now believe it was honest, through and through laziness and stupidity on my part that made my scale register "E" when I stepped on it. Not my emotions, not my past, not my fear of success, nothing. Just me being too lazy to do the right thing. That is why my introspection has been so sparse lately. It wasn't needed. My problem was not deep rooted, it was not buried down deep inside. My problem was shallow and transparent. I was frikkin' stupid. Period. I can't even plead ignorance. I knew full well what needed to be done to lose weight, I just was too lazy and hard headed to do it. So, yeah, that is me. Or more to the point, that is the old me!! I am on it and I have a bandwagon to get me to where I am going and keep me on the straight and narrow and accountable for my actions. So there is my introspection, I guess, sad as it may be. But PJS ain't here no more. It is AJS now! Onward we roll!

So as promised, I am going to start doing a Three Things Thursday. I thought long and hard to come up with this one. I just had trouble coming up with something for today. So here it is. Name three things that are healthy for you that you now eat that you didn't or wouldn't eat before you started this journey. As for me, that would be turkey bacon, the turkey version of bratwurst, and all these dang vegetables I am chowing down on nowadays!

So there you have it folks. Let's see some responses in the comments! Happy Friday Eve!


  1. I found your blog via Karyn (at Metamorphosis). You're doing a great job!

    I sat here nodding while reading this entire post. I've been lazy and stupid for too long. I really don't think I have any deep issues either. I do eat when my emotions get out of control...but I'm much more aware of it now.

    Anyway...three things...
    1. unsalted, natural almonds
    2. tomatoes (never used to like them)
    3. various types of beans and grains (like steel-cut oats, millet, chickpease (roasted), lentils, etc.)

  2. Shane,

    I think you just summarized my past up as well! Crazy isn't it?!?! My three things are: 1.) Mustard instead of mayo 2.) Raw unsalted almonds 3.) I can't think of a third thing at the moment, so I'm going to put water (I know, I don't eat water)...but in the past, I would have never touched the stuff!

    Tony B. @ Half of 360

  3. My 3 things are

    1) popcorn with NO butter

    2) lots more fruits and veggies...I always ate them but now they are, gasp, main dishes!!

    3) drinking only water...no soda, no juice....just water!

    You rock!!

  4. Nice on the 3 things! I WANTED to have a great blog with substance but I am just too drained by the end of the day to think of anything inspiring. So I mostly have a boring, this is what I ate, I did good/stank kind of blogs. But it still has helped me. I so APPRECIATE the bloggers who do think of awesome inspiring posts.

    Okay, so where were we, 3 things I never ate before.

    1, Drinking only water. Big one there. I was a pop junkie and any kind of flavored beverage. Just on water now, nothing else. Who would have guessed!

    2, Homemade...everything! Barely any processed stuff, no frozen pizzas, no boxed mac and cheese. I cook SO much more and enjoy it!

    3, Beans. I love beans. I have an entirely new appreciation for beans. You should see my cupboard. Scary.

    Thanks for the reminders!!

  5. Hey Shane...I can totally relate to this post. For me, it's more about developing discipline and good habits than it is about uncovering any deep-seeded things that caused me to overeat.

    Hmmm...my three things are:

    1. Beets (I've grown to LOVE them!)
    2. Water (Barely drank water before!)
    3. No Added Salt (Can't believe I gave it up!)

    Hope you have a great Friday!

  6. Hmmm...
    egg beaters
    tofu noodles

    Polar's Mom

  7. turkey. that's all

  8. Turkey bacon
    Brussels sprouts
    And more!

  9. You know, another thing that has made Sean extraordinarily successful is his simplistic approach. I'm sure he would tell you that he overcomplicated things many times before, and that never led to success.

    Your introspection was simple, but it was also honest. There doesn't need to be more than that if you know where you stand. And it sounds like you definitely do! Good for you my friend..

    My three things: sushi/sashimi, mushrooms and spinach. My list could be much longer, but you asked for three...so there you have it. :)

  10. Your post is right on for me too- no reason I gained weight except slow metabolism, eating too much and lack of consistent exercise which should counteract the slow metabolism!

    Three foods- that's hard for me because I eat everything and always have. I am trying to occasionally have bok choi and more Asian type veggies and I'd have to say fish at least once a week (tuna salad doesn't count).

    My list should be things I am giving up or eating/drinking rarely: PB, ice cream and diet sodas).

  11. I don't eat anything I don't like, but I have 1) a new found liking for oatmeal EVERY DAY 2) given up diet soda 3 ) given up all desserts

  12. 1. Brown Rice
    2. Whole Wheat pasta
    3. Only drinking water and no sodas!

    Have a great day!

  13. Lazy? Really? That really surprises me! I don't disbelieve you of course, but lazy is just not a word that I would use to describe you. I mean, here you are finishing up school and are planning even MORE school, working a hectic full-time job, and maintaining a full-time family as well? That's not something that a lazy person undertakes, and you've been doing this for a while now (right)? So...lazy? Hmmm.

    Three things:
    1. Butter (in moderation of course)
    2. Cheese (in moderation of course)
    3. Fish

  14. Its hard to pick 3 things that I didn't or wouldn't eat before my journey because I've really always loved healthy foods. I just didn't eat them enough of the time! LOL..

    So, I will pick 3 things that I didn't eat that OFTEN before my journey, but that I eat alot of now:

    1-Turkey sausage. Before, I would only eat sausage occassionaly and only the real stuff. Now, I LOVE turkey sausage and eat it for breakfast almost daily.

    2-Greek Yogurt. I recently discovered this and like it much more than regular. I eat it as a dessert with fresh fruit.

    3-Water. I had to force myself into my water drinking habits, and out of my diet soda habits. But now, I don't drink anything BUT water.

  15. Shane,

    The Greek Yogurt DOES take some getting used to. I really found it to be sour tasting when I first tried it. I usually eat it with some fresh fruit and sometimes I add a little bit of Splenda to the fruit. I especially like the thick, creamy texture of the greek kind.

    For the Turkey sausage, I eat the Jimmy Dean microwavable patties for breakfast. They taste JUST like Mcdonald's sausage to me. For dinner, I often cook the Turkey Italian sausage. I like to eat it with couscous and sauteed yellow squash, zuchinni and onions. YUMMY!

  16. I guess my three main things are:
    1. Greek yogurt
    2. Turkey sausage
    3. Couscous
    Clearly I haven't become terribly adventurous yet in my sampling of new foods. Working on it!

  17. Shane
    I, too, knew better but still ate anything I wanted. And you know what? I really don’t know why I was so stupid because mostly I am not. Maybe that is why it is easier to stock to my journey, I realize how dumb I was and am not going to have that dumbness guide my path through life. I love your blog and the fact that you are, even if you do not think so, introspective. That is part of this process.

    Three things that I can eat know:
    Salad and lots of it, made my way with loads of crunchies

    Water: never drank so much
    1-2 bites only of a dessert or a few sip of beer if I do not want to calculate all the calories.

    Have a good weekend, Shane. Best of luck on the LSAT. Michele