Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Stains

Never heard anyone talk about this before so I am kind wondering if it was just me. I hadn't thought much about it till yesterday when I was at PF Changs for supper. I recall back in my larger (to be read HUGE) days, stains, they were a constant for me. If I went out to eat, it was basically a given. Something was falling off my fork, and was leaving an indelible mark on my shirt! I never put 2 and 2 together though. It was a dimensions game. My belly was so big, that it stuck out, leaving me farther from the table, so that when something fell or dripped, rather than hitting the table, it hit by belly because I had to bring the food out over my belly to get to my mouth! So I rarely eat stuff with sauce now a days, and the first thing I thought yesterday was that I was so screwed because I had a white Eddie Bauer tshirt on (by the way, a huge perk to getting down to a size large is you get cooler clothes like oh, Eddie Bauer stuff!) and the food I ordered had light sauce on it. I ate the meal and left sans one single stain. So as I am assessing the situation to figure out how I did that, that is when the above equation hit me! How cool is it to figure things out like that!

I have not ran for 3 consecutive days now due to the creeping crud and I am not sure I am all the way better today, but my leg are itching and I don't think I can make them wait another day. I will adjust my speed and intensity according to how I feel but I have to run today. It is 65 degrees this morning and the sun is kissing the morning sky. See ya!!

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  1. Stains? Oh yeah- I think eating too fast and 'shoveling' it in. As the oldest of 6 kids, we all eat FAST and really have to consciously try to slow down. You are doing AWESOME!