Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Possibly The Best Visit I Have Ever Had!!

Been a bit under the weather lately. So much so that yesterday morning, while doing my morning workout, I couldn't breath for nothing in the world! I finally decided it was time to get rid of the hard head and go to the doctor to see what was up with my lungs/respiratory in general. I made me an appointment yesterday morning and got in at 11. I honestly am so used to this new body of mine, and so ready for some relief from my respiratory distress, that I did not think about the fact that my chart was going to show a huge bunch of changes. I actually was so under the weather that when the nurse was doing my vitals and she started asking me question about my name and birth date, it did not dawn on me why! So she sets me up in the exam room and lets me be. I sat there for only a few minutes as is usual with Dr.Niba. He is my favorite doctor of all time. He does two things I enjoy. He shuts up when you are talking and he listens very intently while you talk rather than punching in some info on the tablet and saying "uh huh" a lot and clearly not listening to you when you are telling him what you have going on. so anyway, he comes in and the first thing he says to me is "what did you do?" Dr. Niba is from South Africa, so sometimes he talks a little differently than most, so I assumed he was just asking me what I had going on today, so I told him. He stops me when I am describing my symptoms and says, "no, I mean what did you DO!!?? I am so proud of these numbers I see here. Over 110 pounds lost since last you came in, blood pressure is phenomenal, heart rate phenomenal, just absolute goodness! WHAT did you do?" So I let him in on my last few months and what I had undertaken and he seemed particularly interested in my new eating style and even wanted more information on blogging for weight loss. One thing that stuck with me the whole time, the big huge smile on his face that would not go away. I mean he beamed the whole time. I started thinking about it later, and as a doctor, I am guessing that your happiness can sometimes be tied to how your patients are doing, especially those like the old me who are obviously trying to run themselves into an early death. I guess sometimes, when the patients aren't helping you help them, it can get frustrating. I have to imagine that much like the people who are our clients at the office, when we tell them to do something for their own benefit and they do, it is a golden feeling to see on of your patients whom you have worried over for so long, get it right! I can point to so many victories along this crazy wonderful road so far, but none I think are bigger than Dr. Niba's huge toothy grin for the whole exam yesterday. It was fantastic!

So he eventually got me examined and determined that I had let my allergies get too far ahead of me and the junk got in my lungs an infected them, so I got some Keflex and a warning that I needed to stop jacking around and get some claritin in me every night to keep the junk down, especially since I am such an outdoors person now. I promised him I would do that and we parted ways. He was still smiling at me as we shook hands and went separate ways in the hall. It was fun stuff Maynard!

I have decided that even though I do feel a bit better this morning, I am going to skip the run this morning and do a weight and ab workout instead. I may even start doing one less run day a week and do this workout instead. I have to believe my legs are getting tired of getting their asses kicked all the time you know... haha. So anyway, I best get this cup 'o joe finished and get after it. Ya'll have a wonderful Tuesday!!


  1. What a wonderful visit to the Dr!! I'm glad it turned out to be not as serious as you thought it might be.
    Making your Dr. that happy is a major Non Scale Victory!!