Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The End of "The End" Mentality

I am in stand still mode. That may not sound very impressive, but in reality, for me to actively decide to stand still, and be successful at it, is a HUGE step for me. I know it sounds dumb, but let me explain.

In the past, I have had from limited to great success in losing weight. My issue has always come on the back end of the weight loss, when I said, "The End, I am there" and then went right back to poor eating habits and little to no activity. There was no maintaining the weight loss planned, just the weight loss. Well this go around, I decided to be ready for that. Even though the reality is that I am not done done, I am in the midst of a non push for weight loss. I expended a great deal of energy on weight loss over the past few months, and things are starting to whir at a fast pace in my life, so I decided I would just be happy having made it to Onederland for now, and maintain that until I can clear a few things off this plate of mine. I am going to shoot for 185 pounds later, but for now, I am trying to maintain between 196 and 198. And I have been successful for two weeks in a row now. I am not on the totally strict eating plan I was for weight loss, but I keep the same structure in terms of foods ate, how often I eat, and generally how much I eat. I do let some foods I was not eating slip in now. I have the occasional sweet treat, I do have some pasta or potatoes with supper now, just one portion though, but strangely, the two foods that probably contributed to my hugeness have not even crossed my mind and I haven't had either yet. Hot dogs and fast food hamburgers. Not even a small urge for one or the other. And my real weakness, pizza, hasn't had any real appeal to me either. I had a slice at Sam's Club the other day, but one slice only and was not tempted to get another even with them being so cheap. I do believe that my eating habits I developed during my weight loss push have taken hold. I still love a good salad, and Kathy still makes a mean one!! In fact she made me one last night that was delicious!! Grilled chicken breast is a favorite still, I love me some yogurt and almonds and I still, for some reason, can't eat slices of a loaf of bread. I need pitas or sandwich thins for my lunch. I don't have a vendetta against loaves of bread, I just quit eating it during the Hot 100 and don't have the craving for it anymore.

So I guess, like the title says, this is the end of the "The End" mentality that has screwed me so many times before. I have to admit, I enjoy that I have given myself some "freedom" to return some of the items I had been boycotting during weigh loss and still have no desire for them. It is quite empowering. Power of positive reinforcement I suppose! Well I have to get shoes on and a warm shirt. I am going back out to jog this morning and it is kinda cool out!


  1. You are doing great!!

    And I hear ya on the bread.....used to want it ALL the time....not anymore!

  2. I can relate to the title of this post! I used to treat every diet like there was an end and I could go back to bad eating habits. Now that it's a lifestyle change it's a give-and-take, constant balance of food choices :) I've found it not depressing but liberating that I can maintain, eat foods I enjoy and not be triggered to binge.

    Great job with your progress so far! It's so inspirational. My bf is trying to lose weight too!