Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Motivated > Slacker

That equation has been so true for me the past few months. And with spring yawning and stretching and showing its face, I have been more and more prone to "finding something that needs done" than ever before. Here is what I was thinking about yesterday. It "seems" as though I have developed bad allergies over the past two years. I have to wonder if the reality is that I have had allergies for a while now and just didn't really suffer since, well getting me out from behind a computer screen or out from in front of my tv was next to impossible. I think my heightened symptoms now are due to the fact I actually move my ass and go outside like 1000% more than I used to. I seriously can't just sit still anymore. If I am up and awake and daylight has broken, I am trying to find something I need to be doing outside. I need to mow today, not sure that the rain will let me, so my back up plan is to clean out from under the lean to today and see about getting started on building a chicken coop for our newest family members. That is right, a chicken coop. I am the biggest sucker for Kathy's brown eyes. She has been wanting chickens for quite some time now, and I have held off as long as I can, but she got to me yesterday and I agreed to buy one adult chicken and let it run around the back yard to see how the dogs handled it, see how her and Lauren would do taking care of it. We now own 6 baby chickens that are requiring our care and attention for 4 to 6 more weeks, at which time I need to have figured out some sort of living quarters for them. Yeah, not a sucker at all. So that is on the agenda for the day. I have been working hard on getting my back yard to not be heaven for weeds and bugs. I have spent more money on weed and feed and bug keep away this year than the past 4 combined. I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel on the weeds I think, the bugs we won't know for sure until June or so. I know that if I get ants again this year, we are moving! I fought them for two months last year before winning, but man that was a fight!

I have a bit of an odd day ahead of me today. I am having lunch with my best friend Jason for his birthday. It was yesterday but he was in Little Rock. I need to get a jog in I think, but have to wait for Lauren's dad or step mom to come get her cause Kathy has to work this morning. I am betting Lauren could stay by herself for a short time, but I don't know where I want to go run or how long I will be gone for sure, so I am not doing that.

Well I have to get Kathy up for work, so talk to ya'll later!

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  1. First off, let me turn the tables on you and say thanks for all of your words of encouragement once again. As a 'newbie' I could feel people waiting for me to call it quits. You were always positive and that helped TONS. Second, congrats on the loss. I bet that felt so great after a week of some head games with yourself. How great is it that even tough weeks now lead to losses!! And finally, I actually said "awww" outloud when I thought of having baby chicks, especially at Easter time!