Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Importance of Activity

Good Friday bloggers!! No seriously, it is Good Friday! haha.

I will be blunt here. I expected fully to see a weight gain this morning. In fact, I was not going to be shocked if I hadn't gotten back up above 200. Soooo, you can imagine my surprise when I not only had not gained weight this week, but had lost .6 pounds from last week. I had to sit and ruminate about that. Here is what I came up with. If I look objectively, I maybe actually did not eat as crappy as I thought I did, although I am not satisfied with how I ate over the past week. And, this next point I expect is more important than most of us would want to admit. I am much more active now than I ever was before this journey began. Seriously. I now have huge issues with sitting still. I cannot seem to do it anymore. Which sounds great, but when it comes time for me to need to sit still, it creates issues too. I need to be working my butt off to finish off strong in my last two weeks of school. I suspect my Philosophy of Religion final is going to be a bear. I have the review sheet for the final that has 28 questions I need to know the answer to even though only 9 questions will be asked. I also have to formulate some sore of essay regarding one of the two possible questions. It is the first final I will be taking so I need to really put some effort into it now, making sure I have a firm grasp of every concept possible before May 3rd. That is what needs to be done this weekend and next. Want to know what will more likely get done? I am going to buy more fence planks for my privacy fence project and put those up. I am going to finish bug proofing the back yard so my dogs are not miserable this summer. I am going to get the ground clear reapplied so that I don't spend my entire summer weedeating between the fence struts in my back yard. I will mow obviously. I also want to get some creeping phlox planted around my street light pole. I need to get more birdseed and fill the feeders. As you can see, I love to DO STUFF NOW! And the fact that I can't sit still and that I just cannot dream of not working out in the morning has been the key to me not only not gaining weight when I think I should have, but I lost weight people!!

Here is where this realization is inherently dangerous. I can see me rationalizing in my eating now if I give in too much to this hype. I can see me saying hell it is summer and I will be outside all day doing this that and the other, I can have all the pizza I want, I just need to keep moving. I don't think that in one instance would be a problem. I just foresee that becoming a pattern that I could fall into. So as it stands right now, I need to be cognizant of these possibilities and guard against them now!! Am I more active? yes for now. But at some point, winter will set in and I will have developed poor eating habits again and won't have the opportunity to fight off weight gain with excessive activity.

Wow, what a rambling post, but I think seeing this in black and white helped me get what I needed to get out of this weigh in. Thanks for listening ya'll.

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  1. I think you hit it right on the mark when you talked about being cognizant of the various possibilities that might move the scale back up. We all have to guard against that. It is easy to get back into the "this once" I will do this or that. But, once easily becomes another bad habit and there you go. Good for you knocking off another .6, even on a so so eating week. Finish school strong. I know you will.