Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Salad? Really?

I guess I have kinda known for awhile, but I really really got it yesterday. I prefer salads to just about anything else it seems. If Kathy asks what I want for supper, it is some form of salad every time. I don't know when that became the case for sure, but it is. In fact, if we go out to eat, I always check out the salads on the menu first. That seems somewhat odd to me. I don't know that salad hasn't replaced pizza as my favorite food to be honest. I love FireHouse Subs Chief Salad the most. They use the best veggies and that turkey is the bomb! And they have Guldens spicy mustard, which is by far my favorite dressing for a salad. Heck now I want a salad for breakfast, see what I did? haha.

I get paid today and I think I really am gonna go buy Jillian's 30 day Shred dvd. I just get this feeling I need a challenge and this may be the one I need. I still love to jog, but it doesn't completely do it for me by itself anymore. I have been lifting weights, but it hasn't gotten me there either. I need a challenge that I don't KNOW I can do. That is what motivates me. Finding out if I can do something new. Ok, it is on, I am getting the DVD, that is that!

I do believe today will be an excruciating weight workout. I jogged uphill for a half hour on the treadmill yesterday and am feeling it more than I should be!

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  1. Go for it!!! Her DVD is tough but great! Its only a 20 minute work out. I am still sore from doing it the other day! those darn lunges!