Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So, Which One Am I?

I am sure everyone here has at some point in time used a website that gives you an estimated Basal Metabolic Rate to get an idea of where to be on your calories. I used one here while back to discover that, with the info I put in, if I laid on the couch all day, I would burn 1880 calories. It then went on to give more numbers for if I was sedentary, moderately active, active and very active. I think for my purposes I entered active. So I am starting to question. What constitutes the difference between active and very active. I ask this because I have been having some serious muscle soreness since my 5k Saturday morning. My thighs are refusing to get unsore, my abs took till yesterday afternoon to finally quit barking at me, and my hip muscles and calves haven't been pissed off per se, but they have expressed concern. I am not good at laying off my routine. I am a push through it guy. But the truth is, I was what I think was very active this weekend and I have to wonder if maybe I am over doing it with spring in the air and could maybe back of one morning workout. I usually do take off either Thursday, on a non race week, or Friday on a race week, but even those days I do it begrudgingly. It seems my days go so much better when I workout in the morning. I have a better attitude and things just go my way in general. 45 minutes of sweat and breathing hard is a small price to pay for a good day I think. Jogging has become so central in my life that it is hard to not do it. In fact, I am envisioning me running around the block as I type this. That is probably a self fulfilling prophesy right there. So anyway, what do ya'll think? Is it very active to workout 6 days a week, 45 minutes, 30 of them jogging and 15 weight training? To do yard work 2 days a week and help your daughter with volleyball practice? To constantly be in motion doing housework or some form of work around the home? I am starting to think yes. But I am a rationalizer, so I ask you.

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