Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 125. Arvest Drive Thru Cameras Are Great!!!

Hello fellow bloggers. I am pretty excited today. I had me some turkey chili that I cooked myself and it was yummo! I had my usual yogurt after supper too. I checked my blood sugar about 15 minutes later and it was 129!! Now to understand the significance of this statement, you have to understand. 4 months ago, on July 17, my blood sugar, after not having eaten for quite awhile, was like 278 I think. I think it is common knowledge that a blood sugar of that level is, well, not good. Heck, it is bad! A typical after meal blood sugar was usually well into the 300's! It is so great to keep seeing the wonderful changes! I checked my blood pressure AFTER my morning workout the other day, probably about 10 minutes after, and my bp was 118/72 with a 69 pulse! I mean wow guys! I love this!

To keep adding to things that make me excited, I had a super cool experience in the bank drive thru the other day. I took some money to deposit it at Arvest Bank, a local bank here. Well they have small screens that when you pull up, have a shot of you in them, then when the teller is interacting with or talking to you, it cuts to a picture of them. So I pulled up to the transaction box and looked at that screen, it was amazing! I remember pulling up to that screen on many occasions and being upset with my appearance. That day, that wonderful day, I looked like a "normal" guy to me! No huge belly hanging out in front of me, no double chin, I even looked kinda suave in my sunglasses and with my hair gelled!

All that being said, I still find it hard to let myself get happy about the physical stuff. I feel like I am being vain. Vanity is one of my pet peeves, so as you can imagine, it bothers me to think I am being vain. Is there a fine line between being proud of your accomplishments and being vain? I don't know. I just know that now, as opposed to the past, I don't feel awkward when I walk through Wal Mart, kids don't stare at me with some sort of awe. People don't do the breaking eye contact thing, I don't feel inferior to some skinny guy in an Under Armour shirt. Am I where I want to be yet? No, not even close, but sometimes, you have to stop and take inventory and say, humm not bad. Have you stopped to take stock? Have you had that Arvest drive thru moment? Tell me all about it.

Ok, below is a picture of me and my buddy Jason. In this picture, I am around 300, give or take:

In this picture, I am around 255. Not really a great picture other than it shows some progress:

and here is my new favorite picture, Sean Anderson and myself on November 15, 2010:

So there you go folks. A brief history of my journey.


  1. Shane, there is a difference in vanity and pleasure that comes from accomplishments. You have something to be proud of - that pic of you and Sean tells a terrific story, one that isn't complete yet, but is off to a fantastic start. Keep it up Shane!

  2. Love the pictures! I don't think it's vain at all to be proud of your accomplishments. You've been doing awesome and it shows....why not flaunt it?

  3. Bask in the sunshine, Shane. You have worked hard for it, and have more work to do. Nothing wrong with that.

  4. And what an incredible journey it has been! Congrats on all you've achieved. Here's to the next leg of the race!