Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 112 Me Versus Me

So I was walking this morning (shocker I know!) and I kinda had a thought. I am extremely competitive, sometimes too much so. Well, I had this thought. I am competing with myself on this journey. I know sounds strange, but hear me out. By going on this journey, I created a second identity. So now, the reality is I am two people now. I am still that guy that was an over eater, poor quality food eater, no exercising, sit behind the computer or tv for the whole weekend guy. I have not killed that guy. He could make a comeback at any time. I also have created the other guy, the watch those calories, get your weight training done, walk a few more miles, and blog blog blog guy. Those two people, they compete each and ever day, all day. I have to say that it is fun seeing the first guy getting his ass kicked. I love watching the second guy just shellack the other guy. It is great! I get this image of old me, battered, bruised, black eyed and limping. I just laughed a little when I typed it and visualized it. Oh this is great. You guys try it out!

So tomorrow is weigh in day for me. I am so excited. I always try to guess what my weight will be the next day. I have been pretty great on my eating, super great on my exercise and all this added together should see me go from 242 to 234 pounds. That is my guess. If not, so be it. I will still be aiming for 230 on November 30. And when I get it, I have decided what my reward will be. I am going to buy me an Under Armour shirt from Academy sports. Not the compression shirt, not yet, but an Under Armour t shirt.

I got fussed over today. I should have liked it, but I just couldn't take it. I was told I look so great and so young and my face is almost unrecognizable now. It was my old attorney and the new attorney she works for now. They are both awesome women and it was nice to know they thought so much of my progress. I have decided to try to get a picture of me taken this weekend in my new Nike XL shirt to post on here. It will be epic I am sure! haha. Ya'll think of me tomorrow morning for my weigh in!


  1. You bet I will! Can't wait! It's gonna be great!

    I hear you about all the fussing. I've been getting alot of that lately and it makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I appreciate the support...it's just makes me feel weird. I'll have to analyze this and try and figure out what I'm feeling.

    Anyway, I bet tomorrow's gonna be a great day!!

  2. I love the vision of this! Moreso, I love the NSV!