Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 4 and an early triumph!!!

Before I do the calorie breakdown of yesterdays food intake, I want to brag on Kathy and I. Yesterday was a test day and we passed with flying colors. See I loooooove pizza. We live just down the street from a little pizza place with the beeeeest pizza eeeeeeevvvveeerrr! It just so happened that yesterday was customer appreciation day, and they were selling a large 1 topping for 3.99!! We both love the italian sausage pizzas there, so we decided to get one. First hurdle cleared, we only got ONE!! The next issue we faced was that the calorie count. I researched and found that in general, it is safet to estimate 340 calories per slice of pizza. Now, I had budgeted my bank to account for enough calories for 3 pieces but couldn't have realisitically done it for four. Kathy had done the same. Each pizza has 8 slices in it, so there was clearly going to be an issue of two extra pieces left over. I worried that one of us would either finish them both or we each would cave in and split them and go over our calorie limit. I am proud to report those two pieces are in the refrigerator in a tupperware container either for Kathy's lunch today or for the dogs delight this evening, depending on how the day shapes up. So to summarize my rambling, we achieved a great victory that I was dreading from day 1 and now have that to build on in the future!!!

Okay on to day 4's summary:

two eggs over easy 140 calories
Healthy Choice entree 340 calories
summer salad of onion,tomato and
jalapeno with two tablespoons italian
dressing 200 calories (probably less but to be safe)
three slices of pizza 1020 calories
2 bananas 100 calories

Total of 1900 calories for the day.

as mentioned, I got 10 minutes on the recumbent bike, added a wal mart lap at lunch to make it 5 laps and 25 mintues.

Thank you God for another successful day.

Here are me and Kathy after I got my associates degree last year.


  1. Way to keep at it! Great will power over the pizza!

  2. 1.) I love the new pic at the top of your blog, with your kids coming out of the mailbox-tractor!

    2.) I LOVE the pic with you and your wife! You both look like *such nice people!!* It's an absolutely adorable photo. You look so happy!

    3.) Great job planning ahead, and planning how to tackle the pizza obstacle. There is nothing wrong with eating foods that you want -- like pizza -- so long as you eat them in moderation. Good going, you!

    4.) How are you doing weight-loss wise? Is it too early to say? I know you are new to your journey.

    5.) Food critique (sorry, this is just habit for me): watch your sodium levels. A lot of those frozen meals are filled to the brim with salt, and pizza isn't much better. If you have any blood pressure issues, look for foods that are lower in sodium. Great job with the salad though -- you're doing wonderfully making conscious, healthy choices!!!


  3. As I've said before...beautiful family! Yay for some pizza! Yay for not eating a whole one by yourself (something that I certainly have done...well, the old Elizabeth has). You keep inspiring me Shane, thanks!

  4. way to go!!!! Weekends are always my weakness so don't fall into the weekend trap!!!

  5. Shane, I have just started following your blog. I started blogging in April and it is a wonderful support group. It sounds as if your mindset is right, your wife is supporting you, and you are counting calories and learning a lot about nutrition.

    I love pizza, too, and it is almost impossible for me to stop at 2 pieces. So Husband and I just get the small, split it, and have no leftovers to call my name every time I pass by the fridge.

    Good luck on your journey. I will be around to nudge you every now and then.

    And if you have a chance, come over and check out my blog. My approach is moderation. Watch portions, no seconds, no sweets, no added salt, drink water, and move my body.


  6. Hey Shane...I haven't been around coz of night duty but I'm still watching you like a Hawke! LOL! Awww man, you and Kathy did so well with the pizza! Howz that for determination, well done!