Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 1 part 2

So I actually posted Day 1 on Sunday night so I could get the blog set up, and get familiar with the format etc. So I went to bed last night with a hope in my heart that tomorrow would begin with a bang and get me some momentum built up. My plan is to do cario or weight lifting in the morning for sure and hopefully supplement it with some more in the evenings. My thinking was i would get on the stationary bike this morning and kick this bad boy off right. Well around 4 a.m., I got a massive calf cramp!! It hurt like the dickens let me tell ya. So when I finally quit hitting the snooze button and got out of bed this morning, the pain had amplified where I got the cramp. So I was scared that before I even got out of the gate, there would be a huge set back. But I checked on the comments sections and on my Facebook my friends already did what I had hoped would happen. They took notice and made me feel accountable for this task by offering help and congratulating me. So I made a plan B. I decided that by lunch, the pain would likely be gone and I could go walk in Wal Mart like I did in the winter to keep out of the elements. And I did. I guesstimate that i walked about a mile around the store and I seriously feel great for it!!

Oh and as promised, the nuts and bolts:

breakfast: a bowl of Special K cereal and milk rounded up to 200 calories

lunch: a Healthy Choice entree of Pineapple, chicken, and rice 380 calories

snack: medium banana 105 calories
685 calories so far!
That calorie count is typical of a SNACK for me!

And I haven't taken any weight or tape measurments yet but when I do, I will post them as part of my policy of full disclosure. Thanks to everybody that has already started following, commenting


  1. Great way to start off eating right! I like this website to see how many calories I should be eating:http://www.shapefit.com/dailycalorie-calc.html

  2. Thanks Katrina. I was hoping to find something like this.