Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 11 Frustrated Eating

Okay I kinda back slid but not really? I dunno. I want ya'lls opinion. Thursday was an exceptional day. Not to hard at work and a buddy of mine offered my family to good sized window air conditioning units for free if I came up to get them. It was an 160 mile round trip to get them. So I thankfully agreed to come up and get the units. He made no guarantee that either would work, but I assured him I was confident they would indeed work. So I make the trip and get the units. Kathy and I return home around 9:30 and it has been determined that I would have to change the end on the cord to one that will plug into my outlet. I do so fairly easily and get the unit ready to put in the window. The moment of truth comes and we hit the power switch. Nothing! So I made sure i got the plug wiring up right and nothing. Now to that point I had had only 1475 calories. I sat down to think and decided that I would have my yogurt I had not had yet. It was good but I was still hungry. So I finished some cucumber slices I had made a couple of days ago. Had I stopped there it would not even be and issue. But I also went back to the fridge and got me about 100 calories worth of lunch meat and at it and then I got a tablespoon of peanut butter and put it on a slice of bread too! Now all this time, I knew two things. I was well within my calorie bank, but I was eating because I was frustrated. I mean my total damage calorie wise was 1680 for the day. But for 3 minutes, I was frustrated eating. I kept it under control, but I still did it. After typing that, I am gonna call it a step forward. I just decided that. I was self aware and definitely stopped a LOT sooner than I would have in the past.

Tomorrow is weigh day!! I am so excited!! I usually have weighed fairly regularly in the past. But this time around I decided to weigh only every two weeks. It gives you a bigger number to work with and gets you excited. I am hoping for 8 pounds. I don't have a reason to think 8 pounds, just a hunch is all. I have gone over bank one time only and been under bank all the other days. I have done regimented exercises as well as been more active generally, and well dang it, I feel LUCKY!!!

Well I gotta get up in a few hours and do the Friday grind, so I am going to sign off. I am looking forward to everyone's updates tomorrow, so let us know how things are going. Keep on inspiring me and I will try to do the same for you!!!


  1. I am crossing my fingers for eight pounds for you!!!

    Hmm as for your food thing. I think it was one of those win/lose things. It was a WIN because you realized why you were eating. You were self-aware. That's awesome. It's a WIN because you taught yourself to reach for something healthy! Yogurt and cucumbers and peanut butter are all great choices. Bravo to you!

    It's only a small lose because you were eating without being hungry. But you know what? It happens. It's way more important that you were self-aware and chose healthy foods. You didn't go into an all out binge and bender. You kept in under control, and ultimately that's really the key. You should be REALLY proud of yourself to handling yourself well in a stressful situation!

    When I get the urge to emotional-eat, I figure there are two ways to approach it. (1) Try to eat some protein that fills me up so I will feel full. On the other hand, protein is usually a little higher in calories. So a handful of almonds. A Tbs of peanut butter. A slice of cheese. A can of tunafish. etc. The other option is (2) recognize that I'm just going to need to stuff my face, so find some ultra-low-calorie food that will fill that void without damaging my calorie-bank. So we're talking a couple of cucumbers, a whole box of carrots, a bowl of plain popcorn, etc.

    When I get really emotion, I tend to require Option #2. You'll have to figure out what works best for you in these kinds of scenarios.

    Can you imagine the damage that could have accrued if you got into a frustrated/emotional eating fit while you were on the road, and all that was available to you is fast food? Yikes, that's the most dangerous!

    I think you did wonderfully. You're going to get some awesome results on the scale. Go Shane! You're a rockstar!


  2. Shane, I agree with Christine. I think your food choices were good ones, not chips and cookies and soda, which is probably what the old Shane would have chosen. You chose to go over your daily calorie bank amount with GOOD CHOICES, and for that you get an A+, mister!

    Hope to read on Friday that you are down that 8 lbs.!