Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 2

I would have to write day 1 down as a success! I took alot of joy in beginning this journey. I picked up even more joy when I woke up to find that some other weight loss bloggers have taken notice of my blog. I was excited to go see their blogs as well and see that this problem of mine is bigger and more common than I thought. So welcome girls and I expect that you keep me on the straight and narrow and I will do the same for you.

Okay, this is day 2 and I still did not get up and get on the bike this morning. I don't know if this is another example of Shane's Rationalizing, but the reason was I was so sore from both a half hour of walking at lunch and fourty minutes of mowing the front yard. I think now I should have sucked it up. What do ya'll think? Howeverrrrr, I have twice now fought off the old "get you something to eat, yeah I know you aren't hungry, but get something anyway" urge this morning. And breakfast was once again Special K and a banana for a total of 300 calories. So far so good!

Oh and I promised numbers today. I have my weight but not my belly inches. I couldn't fine the tailors tape, I am pretty sure my Kathy stole it from me!! So anyway, my weight is a not so svelte 297. At this point I don't have an end goal. I have decided that I will do this instead. My goal is to lose 10 pounds right now. I want to weigh 287. I think if I set smaller goals that are more attainable and won't take a great deal of time to get to, I will stick with this. What do ya'll think?


  1. That soreness you feel is called "Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness" and happens when you work out muscles that haven't been used in a while! DOMS are something to be celebrated and highly sought-after!

    In the future, KEEP WORKING OUT. Even if you're a little sore from the other day, do something to stay active. You may have to switch up the exercise though -- so take a walk instead of bike. Or go swimming. But don't stop!

    The most important thing you can do at this beginning phase of your journey is to develop GOOD HABITS, so get out there, get moving, and make healthy eating decisions! But above all else, enjoy the journey and have fun with it! This weight loss journey is ultimately a celebration of your LIFE, so embrace it!


  2. Thanks for the advice and encouraging words Christine!! I plan on walking Wal Mart again at lunch so that I don't feel guilty for no exercise and I also have to mow the side lawn tonight so by the time the day is done, movement will be achieved!!

  3. Shane I had no idea you have started this blog, this experience, such a good idea to share with everyone.
    Way to go on fighting off that voice of "eat even if you are not hungry"! That's a hard thing to get rid of(I still have not mastered the skills to get that voice out of my head yet), but you can keep that up daily, your strong!
    I agree, setting smaller goals along the way is a smart choice. It will make you feel less overwhelmed and well they(magazines, weight programs, doctors, etc.) say the healthiest way to lose weight is to lose about 2-3 pounds a week. Two to three pounds sounds so tiny compared to an overall goal, it will make it easier on yourself.

  4. Good morning Shane! Awww good on ya for the exercise that you did do, and I bet your muscles are sore too, LOL! I'd say it'll also be a combination of lactic acid build up as well as using 'dormant' muscles.

    Make sure you do some stretches prior to your workout and after, and continue exercising consistently so it becomes a habit as Christine says. Don't be too hard on yourself...you did great for day 2, and build it up slowly to prevent an injury.

    I've also broken my target weights down to 5kg increments, as it's not so daunting for my mind and achievable. I'm watching you Boy! LOL! :)

  5. Great idea to set 10lb goals. Nice chunks you can achieve and feel proud about :)