Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 3

Day 3 is in the books and it wielded some good times and great information. So I started off the day with cereal and a banana for a total of 300 calories, had the usual Healthy Choice lunch entree for 340 calories along with a banana, 100 calories. Then for the afternoon snack, I had a granola bar for 150 calories. So I came home for supper with 840 calories consumed for the day. Kathy made us some tilapia fish which was 100 calories per filet and I had two, and the pasta salad she cooked was 180 calories per 3/4 cups and I guesstimated I had a cup and a half for 360 calories. Well my mom brought over a summer salad of tomatoes, onions and cucumbers in vinegar and I was pretty sure I had blown my calorie limit by eating that until I went to check on vegetable calorie counts. Wow! I know I didnt have a full tomato, but even if I had, it would have been around 35 calories, the onion and cucumber around 10 a piece! That is amazing! So by the time supper was done I had managed to keep my calorie count to less than 1500 calories and that was unintentionally!!

Not to great on the exercise front though. I went to the track at lunch and planned on walking a mile but my legs were so sore and I only walked a half mile. We did wind up having to walk about a half mile total to get to DCI's band competition though so there is that. I know this, I just feel better. I don't have the mid afternoon crash where I lose all interest in being productive and would just love to take a nap, I have the energy to do stuff when I get home. I hope to keep building on this. and I know I will cause I have a pretty good audience now!!

Okay adding on to this post. I did a little surfing and one thing I found that made some sense that I want to run by ya'll. I saw a calories per day stagger plan that had you on up and down calorie counts. Like one day you go 1800 calories, the next you do 1200, a few days you do 2000, and then one day of the week you overeat a little, like 2500 or so. It is supposed to prevent plateaus and keep you moving down on the scale by confusing your body and not letting it get into a rythm. Any thoughts? By the by I am trying to starve today and make it like 1200 calories and then tomorrow I am going to indulge in some pizza for dinner. Just a heads up. And also, on my walk today I bought another tailors tape and will be measuring my belly tonight and get you that measurement tomorrow morning hopefully. But for now, here is a pic of me in Branson during our vacation last month. Not a totally accurate depiction as it is a bad angle, but it gives you an idea where I am starting.


  1. Shane - Good Luck on your journey. You are successful just because you started!!! Sometimes that little devil sitting on your shoulder will whisper but just knock him off and keep to the high road. I too am struggling with this weight loss thing and the mind is one big battle field. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  2. Great Day 3 Shane! What a start we're on :) - Day 7 here, and you can find me at http://asomfs.blogspot.com - cheers and hugs to you and that gorgeous family of yours!

    Keep the stick on the ice!


  3. Awesome Shane, you're doing well!!! Just answering your question: I'm on 1500 cals a day, though have been well under some days. I've thought of eating to the limit but just haven't been hungry.

    Hey I like the idea of staggering the calories on certain days. It makes sense to me that it tricks and confuses the body.

    On Weight Watcher's plans I've tried in the past, they recommend that you vary your diet, so don't eat the same old stuff every day.

    If that's your plan, let us know how you go.

  4. So proud of you Shane! You are moving in the right direction my friend! Keep going! :)

  5. Veggies are awesome that way - you can eat tons of them without doing any damage! My dad's nutritionist once gave him a list of veggies that she called "free foods" - basically, foods he could eat as much as he wanted of and fill up on with virtually no calorie impact.

    It's great that you're already feeling better on Day 3!