Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 1 Part 3

For future reference, I won't be posting multiple times daily. I just started off a little off balance trying to get this thing going.

Okay the calorie tally for the day wound up being 1875 and it really wasn't that traumatic. I was hungry a couple of times today but not starving. And to add to my activity level, I also push mowed the front yard for about 40 minutes and worked up a decent sweat. While doing that I was thinking about how great the meal planning diet was going and trying to remember how that plan fell to the way side. Then it kinda dawned on me, I took the first chance to sabotage it. We have been playing catch up financially since vacation and one week we were up against the wall, so I told Kathy we would have to go back to eating the junk food we usually do for a bit cause it was cheaper. That is classic Shane rationalizing at its very best. That is exactly the behavior I am hoping to change. I also started thinking about the fact that I have a heck of a hill to climb based on the fact that I just like food, I mean it gives me pleasure to eat a hot dog and taste it and savor it, I get giddy at the idea of some Simple Simon's pizza, the meat lovers. Food is not only a weapon against my feelings and emotions, it is, for lack of a better description, it is a hobby for me. Wow, this blogging thing makes me think alot! I better put this thing to bed before my brain overheats from all the thinking. Night all.

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  1. Hi Shane, its nice to meet you. The positives I see are that you have taken the first step. Now just keep going! I am at the end of Day 10 and like you, I blog daily to make myself accountable.

    Some days aren't easy, and you'll get the cravings. For me its carbs and today I was hanging to eat some cheese and carbs that I was makin for my fiance' for his lunch. Habit...just shove a piece of cheese in your mouth as you're makin something. Except I didn't do that, as I'd just finished lunch and I had a gentle word with my inner child. No you can have some later.

    All the best on your journey coz I'll be watching and following your every move! LOL!