Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 10 Disaster Does Nothing to Resolve

So it is day 10 and I have had what I would consider a mega disaster for July. My air conditioner compressor has gone out for my home. Not only that, it is estimated at 1200 dollars to fix it and I don't even have in the general area of that. So I was pretty stressed for about an hour after I found out, but for some reason, I never doubted that this would not lead to a food melt down. In fact, I know the reason or reasons. One being I pledged honesty and quite frankly, I don't want to have to come on here and say I am such a weenie that I let a little stress ruin a great stretch of days. Two being that on top of the pride factor, I have a new found calmness about me now that I have brought out my demons and acknowledged them. I truly believe that fear and hiding breed bad behaviors, while open and honest allow power over whatever obstacle you are struggling with. So not even once was the challenge laid on me to not eat because of this. I had my normal dinner routine, or close to it. Kathy didn't want to cook so we kinda grazed on what we had left over from various meals. I warmed up what I think was two cups of beans, but for safe measure counted as three, 360 calories. Then Kathy gave me some of the meatloaf she had warmed up, I figured 200 calories for safety sake. Then I had three pieces of thin sliced lunch meat, I counted it as 50. And of course my friend the yogurt. I know I didn't go through my breakfast or lunch. Because they are repeats of yesterday! Haha. So, after eating and watching Kathy's latest Netflix pick, we decided to go to Wal Mart and get a little window unit at least for the bedroom so we could sleep at night. While there, Kathy begged for ice cream at McDonalds, and I gave in since we had just sweated profusely for three hours. I had the small fat free vanilla for 150 calories. Totaled up, I am at 1790 calories for the day. Still below the bank!! Day 10 baby!!

So as I was driving to work this morning, I had a thought. I have tried many times before to lose weight and have had success to some degree on many occasions. I was really trying to pinpoint what the underlying reason for failure usually was. I mean if I broke it down bare bones, what is the structure of it, besides the poor choices that got me fat to begin with. The reason I usually quit. It was too hard, it took too long and the results weren't happening fast enough. So a good while back I read an article that postulated that perhaps the onslaught of ADD or other similar type disorders are a product of sitcom tv, movies etc. The basis of that theory was that typically, sitcoms are set up to have a problem, the working out of the problem, and a solution in half an hour. If you are like me and get attached to shows and their characters, that is your reality for half an hour when you watch a show. I thought that that really made sense. I mean in the old days, people had patience enough to work through a problem and were foresighted enough to see a solution was on its way, it just may take a little hard work and time. Not us. No if it is gonna be more than a half hour to solve your problem, screw that, move on. Or what about movie montages? I mean you have the biggest loser ever that can't say lift 120 pounds on the bench press. 5 minute motage later, he has worked so hard and now he is outlifing the whole gym!! We see that for ourselves. " I am so gonna work out, diet and exercise and get fit!" A week later, "what I lost 3 pounds and didn't gain one pound on my bench? this sux!!" That is me. I fell into that more than once.It falls right back to one phrase. This journey is not a sprint, it is really and truly a marathon. You need to realize, I may not lose my first twenty five pounds in 2 months like the guy on tv or in blog x did. It might take me 3 months. I am not gonna pull the 100 pounds off by Christmas, it may be this time next year before I get there. Pace your self, as Sean says, keep the motivational thoughts near and dear to you.

I don't know if you all recall but early on in days I posted not only my weight, but I am taking the measurement around the biggest part of my belly each weight day to. There is reasoning for that. I have always always always used the scale as my pass/fail rubrick. I have decided that the problem with that is that if you only have one pass/fail measure, failing is more likely and more likely to be devastating. So this time around, I will measure both my weight and girth. Suppose I have a slow weight loss two weeks and only knock of 2 pounds, but by gosh look here, I knocked off 2 inches around my belly two. I have given myself twice the chance to succeed and measure positive results. I believe this is going to be a successful measure and help keep me on goal.

Well I am sweaty now, so I am going to go back to the bedroom where the window unit has hopefully pulled down the temperature and try to get a good nights sleep. I hope to read alot of success stories from my blog friends in the morning. So until then, keep on inspiring me, and I will try to do the same for you!!


  1. You're right, Shane, that we are a "want it now" society, and it is sometimes difficult to stick with a worthwhile project to see it come to fruition. I am in it for the long haul. Like you, I may not get to goal weight by the date I have set, but I will get there. Impatience does rear its ugly head quite often, though.

    You are right to take some measurements and not rely only on the scale. I wish I had done that in the very beginning. I'm doing it now, but I don't have the Day 1 stats.

    Stay cool and remember to drink the water while the a/c is out.

  2. Great job avoiding a disaster-induced binge! Now the real challenge: can you find a way to work out, even though you don't have any air conditioning? If you have enough room in your bedroom, you can try:

    * pushups
    * Situps
    * Lunges
    * Squats
    * Calf Raises
    * Tricep dips off your bed
    * Jumping Jacks

    See, there is plenty that you can do in the confines of a small space!!!

    You're right that we are an instant gratification society. Remember that this process is going to take a while, so set realistic goals for yourself.


  3. Shane -

    I always smile when I see a note from you on my blog. I'm so so glad we started about the same time! Can you imagine how great we'll be feeling in three more months? In six? How about next year? I'm in it for the long haul with you buddy, and your words today really helped me. Thanks!


  4. Oh sorry to hear about the air! I couldn't live without it! Ack!

    I just started measuring along with weighing too - because that darn scale can be fickle! I also find progress with the way my clothes are fitting. Every little thing makes a difference!